Cherokee and Navajo Israel Connection

I have always said, that GOD has one Teaching, and 
and that this teaching was known to many people. 

There is proof now, more than just my word.   I can't copy the articles for fear I may get in trouble, but I have provided the link that will show the connection.

Cherokee Origins - Jewish Indians


For the Navajo Connection

Thanks and blessings to David from South Florida for inspiring the following post. Photo at left - a classic example of Navajo weaving

Is the mystery of Navajo roots connected to the Priestly Garments dating back to the time of Moses, Aaron, and Betzalel? Is Navajo weaving the "Ma'ase oreg" mentioned in the Torah? Could the Navajos be another lost tribe of Israel?

The Temple Institute's announcement of the completion of the The Blue Robe of the Kohen Gadol has created quite a buzz. The show-stopper for me is that master artisan Yehudit Avraham chose the famed Navajo weaving technique. Was she divinely inspired? Could be, but practically, the Navajo technique is a maas'e oreg, or "weaver's work" that fulfills Torah criteria. Amazing?! I had to run this by Grandmother White Eagle.

Grandmother White Eagle took time from her busy schedule and wrote:

Osyio (Cherokee greeting - LB) Rabbi Wolf Brother!!!

The news about the weave of the High Priest’s robe is so exciting that I got the chills up and down my spine! I will share some of what I have gathered about the Navajo from my experiences on their reservation.

First let me share that I have been receiving many questions lately about other native peoples in America that could be lost tribes of Israel too (since your Trail of Tears series was posted).

The Navajo is a tribe you would love. Their refusal to assimilate is astounding and continues to this day. There are many on the Navajo rez that still do not speak or read English. They are very loyal and the only tribe here that refuses to allow the sins of gambling on their reservation (considered a tax on the poor). They are very private about their native worships and very matriarchal. It is believed by some spiritual leaders here that just before Moshiach, the Navajo will be raised up by HaShem and become the spiritual forerunners of America (maybe because of the least sin of any natives, and maybe because they too are Jews?). The fact that the Master weaver Yehudit Avraham wove the robe using the Navajo weaving technique is no accident. In my humble opinion I believe it is a confirmation.

The native flute that I play in sacred ceremonies is a Navajo flute. Its sound carries very far without amplification. It is most amazing and the natives say it is because I have strong medicine from the Creator, but I also believe it is a divine instrument. (I prayed and asked for a 1 Samuel 16 anointing when playing any musical instrument as King David did, to bring healing to a hurting soul).

The Navajo have suffered much the same persecutions as the Cherokees and other tribes. They had their own “Trail” by the white man. Historically, the Navajo era of prosperity came to a sudden and traumatic end in 1863. Seven thousand Navajo were rounded up by troops led by Kit Carson and held captive for four years at Bosque Redondo, New Mexico. Only one-quarter of these Navajo survived, and when they were released, they found their homes, pastures and flocks destroyed, and their homeland reduced to one-fifth of its original size (sound familiar?).

Please have your readers pray for this tribe. Most are very poor. You would not know that you are in the USA while visiting there. Many still live in one room log cabins called a Hogan. Most do not have running water, electricity and only a dirt floor. We helped sponsor a trip last month to take food, clothes and toys to some kids on the reservation.

As for the weaving, most tribes use “earth tone” colors in their clothes and rugs. However, the Navajo tribe has much respect for the color blue. It represents the sky and things that come from above. The color of the Jewish High Priest's robe - what you call Tchelet - is exactly what they call Navajo blue, their ritual and favorite color.

The number four (4) permeates traditional Navajo philosophy. In the Navajo culture there are four directions, four seasons, the first four clans and four colors that are associated with the four sacred mountains. In most Navajo rituals there are four songs and multiples thereof, as well as many other symbolic uses of four. If I remember correctly the number four in Hebrew is a number of letters in the Creator's holy name?

This is getting exciting, Wolf Brother. Wado equa and blessings, Grandmother White Eagle

Wado equa - thanks ever so much to you, Ulisi Unegv Wohali - Grandmother White Eagle, and may the sun shine upon your path always!

Most respectfully, Wa ya Udo (LB)




shai shai
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What connection are you referring to?

Hi Yael7878

I believe the Jewish and Cherokee People are part of the Jewish peoples who were exiled, and never returned. It's not that the Jewish people immigrated to America and taught them. Everything they know was already within them, and they continued in this same lifestyle once they began life in America.

From childhood, I have always loved Palestine or Israel (Eretz) and feel great warmth for the Jewish people. I'd love to visit Israel some day. There's great connection between Navajo art and the Middle Eastern folklore, arts and crafts. The Navajo faces east to pray. Jews, since the diaspora face east to pray toward Jerusalem. Navajo butchers sheep/goats kosher style-- lets out all the blood before dissecting. The Navajo wedding basket design depicts six-pointed star. It looks like the Jewish star of David. Navajo women still bake bread in earth-built oven; as did the Jewish people with chala bread, etc. Navajo weaving has Middle-eastern designs and usually deep reddish or brown colors. On the Navjo rez in many parts of the mountain ranges where there used to be dwelling, there are usually pottery shards scattered all over.
My conclusion of cliff dwellers: Jewish immigrants may have built and lived in them until the southern states (Arizona, California and New Mexico) became part of the U.S., then the immigrants begin to move out into the cites. In some of the cliff dwellings, there are evidence of European styled construction of internal walls separating rooms. Navajos labelled these cliff dwellers ana'sazzi or enemy people. Native considered most all European settlers as enemies as they settled and spread out west of the Mississippi. Attire: The hair bun is worn by both Navajo men and women and may be indication of how the Hebrew temple priesthood wore their hair in buns and wore the crown comfortably during high holy days of conducting ceremonies. In the 1970s, many Navajo families still ate meals on low tables set on the floor and pillows or cloths were spread for members to sit on. To eat, each dipped into a communal pot. Before and around 70 A.D., Jewish families sat around such type of tables to eat their meals, especially at Passover. In 1950s, in some household, men were served food separately from the women and children. Today, in Middle-East, they still practice this. In Navajo homes, there are different set of code of behavior for the female children and male children, where the boys have more liberty than the girls. I can't help but conclude that even ranching, farming, construction of homes using bricks or stone blocks came from Jewish immigrants. They taught the Navajo a new way of living. There might have been massive interracial marriages that occurred early on possibly earlier than the 1800s. Even Navajo language was infiltrated. For example, the Jewish prayer goes like -- "Hear, O Israel the Lord Our God, the Lord is One." I want to emphasize on the Hebrew word for 'one' which is 'echad' in Hebrew. Navajo expression is "echaed' jeek" which translates "into oneness" as in gathering elements into one container. Today, I attend a Jewish Messianic congregation and have been studying Hebrew. I feel quite at home.

i am a navajo that has gone to palestine, we are all brothers and sisters, therefore end the zionist oppression of the palestinians! Those in israel are not real jews but claim to be, they are the synogogue of satan the christian speaks of in Rev 2:9, my native people; don't believe me, look for yourselves!

I will pray for you, to receive the gift of truth, instead of following people who hate, instead of following people who love.

Regarding the Palestinians and the Israelis' it is a misunderstanding between them, and that GOD will clear up very soon.

Manuna, I pray that GOD opens your mind and heart towards the zionists.

The Palestinians put themselves in the place where they are today, not through oppression, but because of war. If It wasn't for Israel, Palestine wouldn't survive. Their own people kill their own people.

Mitakyue Oyasin is a very true statement...

Wow! Just Wow!