No Vacancy Without Long Term Lease

There is a song by Brooks and Dunn called “My Heart is not Your Hotel.”  I heard this song for the first time today and it really struck a cord with my heart. Some men use women.  They tell you they love you in order to gain temporary refuge in you but then turn around and tell another woman the same things they are telling you.  So I am special huh?  I am THE ONE!  Gee thanks for thinking that about me, but I don’t need a temporary tenant who wants no lease.  I am looking for an owner, someone who will focus on the upkeep of their most prized possession. My heart is not your hotel. 

 I have cut and pasted the lyrics to the song that started my thought process below.  I realize the capitalization is off on the lyrics but it was the only version I could find.

Lyrics of My Heart is Not Your Hotel

when your headlights cut across my wall
yeah, i thought it might be you
looking for a place to fall
talking sweet and thinking small
seeking out convenient arms
yeah, and resting for a while
someone to keep you safe and warm
while you ride out your latest storm

my heart's not a hotel
you can check in and out of
it's not a temporary shelter
it's a home for someone's love
don't just come here when you're lonely
knowing full an' well you wont stay
'cause I don't have the strength tonight
to turn you away

oh don't let the dawn find me asleep
on a pillow of regret
take all my dreams, just leave the key
and let me keep my dignity


no don't come when you're lonely
knowing full an' well you wont stay
'cause I don't have the strength tonight
to turn you away
I don't have the strength tonight
to turn you away



fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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10 Responses Feb 15, 2009

I agree flirty. I try to always be nice to those that I date but sometimes it just doesn't work

Or maybe he is a refuge in the storm to the young woman. Maybe his heart is so comfortable that she can't picture leaving the hotel. Maybe, just maybe she wants to reside there forever. Do you think the man has considered this?

Awwww Jersey! You are too sweet my friend. I like that thought. thanks for sharing.

Amen, My Heart Is a Pleasure Dome for One Man Only...and heck, I miss him. :)

Well said FG. Learned early on that is not the way to be, too bad everybody hasn't gotten that lesson.

fungirl...I agree with you. There are people out there that play with other people's emotions and hearts. Reality is that it is an exclusive man problem. Men tend to do it more but women also do the same thing.

very nice fungirlmmm keep up the good work!

LOL I am glad you do as well. He better not mess up or we will have to kick some bootie.

D*mn straight it's not! It is a shame that there are people who don't think twice before they step in and out of your heart. Was talking to my man about this today, in reference to my Bestie who has had problems with just this type of thing. I am so grateful to have a long term lease on mine :)<br />

PBR, I understand from our PM's a little bit about where you are coming from, and I understand her position as well. I am praying that you get the intimacy back with her because I know how much you love her. I love you my friend. I can see why you identify with that song too. ((hugs to you and your beautiful wife.)