If you want to be in it... try ringing the bell first, just for a start. Get to know me. Drop by every once in a while to see if you like the environment. Consider carefully before deciding to move in.
Then ask me if you may start inhabiting it. Give me some time to consider, weigh the pro's and the contra's. If I refuse you, just leave.
If I accept you, treat my heart with care. Do not throw any wild parties in it. It doesn't like that. And I hate having to scrape the dirt off the walls.
Once you're settled, and I get used to your presence, don't just rush out and leave me with the emptiness. Because there's one difference between my heart and a house. A house won't miss you. My heart will.

Please don't just rush in without giving me any indication of how long you will be staying. Doing it the way I described above is way easier for both of us.

[oh how I wish it would work that way.]

JojaRodenaLente JojaRodenaLente
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Thanks to you all ^^

I really like it, it makes sence. Worded very well!

I like it!!!! :)

This is a great post.

I was going to type something stupid here, but that is a really nice sentiment...