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You Fill Me With Sunshine

In my network full of love, there are several kinds of people who I treasure and I greatly appreciate the beautiful colors they have spread in my world.
The people bird ...
with them, I have the ​​desire to fly with their beautiful wings. I would walk through life feeling a good breeze as the breeze I feel when I am riding a bicycle. It brings me strength. 
The people star...
who live beyond the clouds made ​​of cotton candy and when they touch my heart, they leave a light and wherever I go, I am shining. It is their brightness that has spilled on me. 
The people fun...
who help me climb each day more cheerfully and when I least expect, their words tickle me.  
The people song...
who is a sweet melody. They bring harmony and joy into my life, leaving me smiling in tune. 
The people book...
who bring the delicious taste of knowledge, making me to discover the magic through their pages, conquering me by their culture. 
The people home...
who make my ​​soul comfortable and cozy.  
The people sun...
who warm my heart with words and keep my life alive. 
And the people vision...
who look beyond and have keen eyes, able to see my soul and heart, because they have an inner world that is a unique beauty.  
The people flower...
who spreads petals of love and tender wherever they go.
And last but not least, there are the people story...
who bring color and vibrancy to every shared story. 
Every word, every gesture, every gift gives my heart a leap to the moon. I want you to know that you inspire me, because of your affection that slowly have won a part of my heart.
You fill me with sunshine, each one of you...
Thank you <3
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All of your stories make me smile. Some make me think. This one makes me warm. Such lovely imagery. I'm glad that I fall into at least one of those categories. For me, you are in many of those categories. :)

* and the crowd is going wild!*<br />
<br />
That's a lot of people. <br />
You missed one though. She was surrounded by all the others<br />
The people mirror. <br />
She takes in your best and reflects it back at you making you aware of yourself surrounded by her smiles.<br />
<br />
Your way with words is inspiring.

You are a source of light to me as well.

Sunshine on the inside is even cosier than sunshine on the outside :)

Beautiful. Inspiration is a word I used today when writing a card to "someone" special. Smiling like the Sun.