What We Learn From The Heart Of Christ

We learn first and foremost that he was loyal and committed to the Almighty, throughout his separation on earth.   He bridged the separation by continuously living  [as he should have] within his Spirit, to remain close to the Most High and the heavenly family.  He too needed encouragement from time to time.

HE was determined, fearless, patient, loving, and devoted to humanity.  Through his generosity he gave his life, so others could receive the gift of life.

May we all learn from the example of Jesus’ heart, and begin to live as we should, through our own Spirit within, so we too can bridge the gap of separation and remain close to GOD and heavenly family.   Let us also be generous and give our life to those in need.   Jesus says, he’s not here for the ones who are well, he’s here for the ones who need a doctor.  [Matthew 9:12-13]

shai shai
1 Response Feb 24, 2010