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We all have our profiles, pics, stories and stuff on here. It makes it easy to judge the person, but unless you have actually spent time with the person and really talked to the person then you are just judging the book by it's cover. So before you judge the profile get to know the peron it belongs to. You may have met the greatest person and not even know it.

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5 Responses Feb 19, 2009

you have just made my day!

I agree J...I have known a few people to and these people dont even know them...They are just going by there profiles and pictures...Saying its not them...How do you know do u know this person in real life...

Mr George you advice is so correct and sage, one thought is it may be best to ensure that you dont' just judge someone by their stories...because in reality we can be whomever we want on here and if you don't get to know the person, you may be buying a big bag of BS just because they arre good on the if you prejudge me and make a will we ever know that we had a misunderstanding......great post, and great reponses.........I hope no one judges me for mine hahahahha

I completely agree. It's an alternate reality for many people and it's hard to decipher the fact from the fiction... Or even how honest people are with themselves... I think this site is more likely to have honest profiles and stories because of the anonymous aspect of it... But the old question still remains, how well do you really know anybody?

But it's so much fun to jump to conclusions....