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A small typo in the ingredients required for a cake recipe printed a Swedish food magazine caused a huge problem after poisoning people who made it.

Instead of calling for two pinches of nutmeg it said 20 nutmeg nuts were needed, Chief Editor Ulla Cocke told AFP. We didn't really think anyone would bake or eat this cake, since so much nutmeg would give it a horrible, bitter taste, and it is simply not that easy to get hold of that much nutmeg," she said. Plus, High doses of nutmeg can cause poisoning symptoms. The magazine has since been recalled after several people experienced symptoms of poisoning, including dizziness and headaches.

(O.K, so that´s the nutmeg part of the story with NUT being the operative word here ).

Now come the politicians part:

Last week, John McCain selected Sarah Palin who has been the governor of Alaska for a total of 2 years as his running mate. Her previous experience before that was ,mayor of a town of 9,000 people, a city council member, and a PTA President. With that resume it's very simple to understand the reasons why McCain picked Palin to be the VicePresident of the USA.

She's young( well, younger),

she's a woman, and

uh, uh, uh….that's pretty much it.

If Palin isn't a woman, she isn't chosen here, plain and simple

This is a desperate attempt to get some of the Hillary votes.

But keep in mind Hillary's voters didn't support Mrs. Clinton simply because she is a woman. She's an accomplished and experienced politician, former first lady, a senator, she is pro choice, and a supporter of gay rights. On all of these issues Mrs. Palin is the opposite."


So here is where I see the connection between politicians and nutmeg.

One could never imagine a citizen of the United States actually voting for Palin to govern America, given all her inexperience and inability to handle matters of crucial importance to the United States.

Yes, she is a woman and so is Hilary but she isn't Hilary and one cant be fooled by that. This just shows a desperate attempt from McCain´s camp to attract some voters.

However after reading the story of the idiots that almost died for adding 20 nutmegs nuts to a cake ( when the regular amount is an average of 1/8 of a teaspoon ), I  believe there will be some people out there who will actually vote and buy all these stupidity of Palin being an appropriate vicepresident because , oh, well she is young .she is a Republican , she supports the NRA and she has an uterus.

Maybe they don't know this, but she will be the President of the USA, if McCain dies during his term. And then what?

Are being 44, and a having a set of ovaries what qualifies Mrs. Palin for this post? . That´s it ?

Will McCain voters be so gullible to believe that she is an equal match for Hilary ( or for another equally prepared candidate, for that matter) to govern one of the most powerful nations in the world?

The dumbasses who ate the cake got proper medical attention….. but Who will save America if it falls into the inexperienced hands of Mrs . Palin ?

Palin is fine in Alaska where she is at the moment, she should stay there for now. No need to bring more chaos into the current situation of America.

Don't be fooled by this recipe for disaster.

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5 Responses Sep 1, 2008

I got the story; I agree and disagree at the same time. <br />
<br />
Isn't America great that we can have this conversation? <br />
<br />
Isn't it great that ignorant American's have a say also? (I won't name names, but we can see some of the stupid and ignorant comments).<br />
<br />
This election is about old and inexperience vs inexperience and old. <br />
<br />
Good luck to all of us!!

I think that what you are trying to say is that the only reason that she was named was that she was a woman???Is that not what you are trying to say???<br />
<br />
And that McCain only named her because he could not stand on his own...For that is what I am reading...<br />
I think that I have made my point quite clear...She is an inteligent woman that has already proved herself in a major office...and that she should be able to handel this one.

Yes...And I figure if she has to deal with Russia being a neighbor to her state...Well you must not live in a boarder state...I lived in a boarder county...You do have to learn a great deal about Foreign policy if you are in a boarder state...For what goes on in their nation affects your state...And possibly the nation...Ever hear of U.S. /Mexician Relations...I lived it for over 30 years...<br />
<br />
And let me remind you that the Vice President does very little unless the President dies...But they do have a job to do...So in the case of Vice President yes I feel that she does have more than enough experiance to fulfill this job...<br />
<br />
Are you stating the the only woman that can hold any office is Hillbilly??? What gives...Are all other women stupid or what??? What gives her all of the inteligence in the world to hold office and not others... And why is it that that She was just tying to do what ws right when she wanted the Oval Office...but when McCain wants a woman as a running mate if is just to get the Hillery vote...Do you think that those women are so dump as to just want a person with internal plumbing...Are you saying that these women and some men have no brains???

You mean that she does not have a brain in her head...When Hillbilly ran she said she already had experiance as president as she was first lady...You even said it...she was first lady...What in hell does that got to do with it...So at least one night she let some guy diddly her that would later become president...So what...Now...<br />
<br />
How long had Obama been in office???What is his qualifications???Here you are stating that a V.P. Candidate had not enough experiance...When they have more than a Presidential candidate...So come on....Make your point...Are you trying to say that Hillbilly is the only smart lady(???) that can hold an office

A recipe for disaster?Perhaps. But McCain's choice for VP is going to make this one hell of a race. Palin may lack the experience but so does Obama. Hillary spoke of putting cracks in the so called glass ceiling. McCain's selection just shattered it, kind of an in your face sort of move. Palin might be a greenhorn but she does have appeal and as of now this is anybody's race. As far as the possibility f her running this country, one might say that it's not the commander in chief that is as important as the people who serve him. SO cabinet selection is going to be extremely important.