I Don't Think Tom Cruise's Sexuality Is Anyone's Business

So, there is this group "I think Tom Cruise should come out of the closet" and I think people should mind their own.

Sexuality is a personal thing, whether the man is gay or not isn't anyone's business. If he is and he wants to hide it behind fake marriages or let it out, it's his choice to make. We, the general public, have no right to assume, speculate or judge.

For the record, I do not like Tom Cruise, I just believe that just because he is a "public figure" doesn't give people any more rights to his personal life than he has to theirs, which is clearly none.

That's what I think.


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5 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I agree. It's no one's business, who really cares what he does in his private life. (or his wife and daughter too) I'm not even a fan of his, I wish he'd just go away.

Thank you.

Well put...

I get the idea of being curious, but I think when it comes to some celebrities, Tom Cruise being one, people cross a line. It goes from just being "I wonder if he is?" to "I know he is dammit, and it's about time he just came out with it!!!" It's his life and his choice, people need to back off. It's one thing to have a giggle with friends and it's a completely different thing to put your opinion of someone out there in a public way as if it were fact. I don't like the man but he is just that, a man, a person, and he has just as much right to keep his private life private as anyone else. Just because he puts his face up on a 40 foot screen and people pay $10 a ticket to go see it, doesn't mean they are buying a right to have a say on what goes on behind the scenes.<br />
I think the same for all celebrities. People want a peek into their inner private lives, it's said because they want to know that they are human like the rest of us, but that's just ridiculous. OF COURSE THEY'RE HUMAN!! Just because they are successful in a career that exposes them to the public doesn't mean the public has a right to any part of their lives that they don't want to share. If you or I don't want to talk about something we don't, if a celebrity doesn't want to talk about something it becomes everyone's mission to "find the truth", the truth is it's no one's damn business, mind yours. Like when madonna changed her haircolor to brown and then some guy on an elevator felt he had the right to inform her that she looked like **** and should go back to blonde. What gave him the right to say that, because he spent a few dollars on an album? Because he jerked off to her picture? What? Truth is, he had no right to say that, she can shave all her hair off if she wants, it's no one's business but hers.

i agree. And i also see the other side, those wanting to know.<br />
<br />
Guess it's just human nature to want to know. Maybe fun for some too.<br />
<br />
As long as we friends can have intelligent and civil conversations ... we have it made. We learn and we grow.