I Want You To Know What You Did To Me.

You were the first person I ever told I love you not in like a brother sister way in love way. We were best friends and you said you loved me. For those 3 years you lied to me...you never loved me. You just said it because you didn't want to hurt me well you hurt me. You lied to me...you cheated on me...you took my heart and threw it away. I still love you forever and ever...even though we are still friends and you never will read this ever...After you told me you never loved me...I went home and cried in my bathtub for three hours...then I continued to cry. I wanted you so bad to love me...you were perfect to me...we were going to be together and you just wanted to make me happy...I'm not mad at you anymore I just want you to know...I love you and yes you left a scar on me...in fact I was young and stupid and decided to engrave your name in my arm...everything has faded but the A it leaves a mark that can never be removed.
You know who you are and you know what you did. I won't speak what you did to me...what you put me through...what kind of peice of **** you really are. Lets just say you may forget me and move onto the next girl and pretend that you're your cousin...which i believe is just a lie because that is all you ever did to me. You were the second person I loved...and you broke it...like my trust in you...I freakin trusted you...gave you second chances cried every night just wanting you to message me back. I never want to talk to you again...or see you or just even here your name. I hate you.
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No hateful things to say to me? I'm kinda stunned hun :(


Idk what "p" did but what ever it is it's realy nasty i can feel alot of aggression in your words.