Bits Of Surverys

Name = Turbulence
Age = 18
Height = 5' 7"
Skinny/fat/average = Skinny

Pepsi or coke = coke
Chocolate or Vanilla = chocolate
FPS or RPG = Both
Action or Calm = Both
McDonalds or Burger King = Both
Gay or Straight = Both
Boxers or Briefs = Boxer-briefs!
Single or Taken = Single..
Cats or Dogs = Cats
Famous or Infamous = Neither
Fur or Faux fur = Neither
Pro-Life or Pro-Choice = Choice
Realist or Idealist = My own blend of both
Love or Money = Money is good, I'd choose love over it though

Siblings = Youngest to a brother and a sister
Religion = Agnostic
Drive = yes
Smoke = no
Drink = Non alcoholic kinds
Drugs = Things like Tylenol or prescription
Best Personality Trait = Caring
Worst Personality Trait = Lazy
Parents Together/Divorced = Divorced
Best Physical Trait = Hair
Worst Physical Trait = Acne.. =/

Favorite Car = 1970's Challenger
Favorite Color = Everything but pink, yellow, or orange
Favorite Film Genre = Most anything
Favorite Movie = First Pirates of The Carribbean
Favorite Music Genre = Rock
Favorite Band = Three Days Grace
Favorite Book Genre = Anything not tooo serious or boring.
Favorite Book = First Harry Potter book

Funny or Serious = Both at appropriate times.
Personality or Looks = Personality
Hair = Any
Eyes = Any
Body Type = Preferably around my size
Action or Romance = Both
Hugs or Kisses = Both
Give or Receive = Both

How many friends = Few, but GREAT! :D
Films Seen Recently = MANY
How Many Songs On Ipod or Other Media Device = Over 1500.
Books On Bookshelf = About 7.
Pet Peeves = People sucking their teeth., EW. People looking like they're all that.
Creeps You Out = No/Painted on eyebrows, Parents laughing at sex jokes

Wearing Right Now = Black T-shirt and jeans, the rest.
Listening To Right Now = Ashley - Escape The Fate
Thinking About Right Now = Her
Feeling Right Now = Eh..
Doing Right Now = Typing this.
Wish To Be Doing Right Now = Things.. >.>
With Who = Wtf?? <,< ...her.
Why = I love her
Are You Sure = Yes, Jeez..

Last Ate = Burrito
Last Drank = Fanta Orange
Last Gift Received = Gift Card
Last Thought = Hungry..
Last Hug Given By = a friend

Will add more when I can
Turbulence Turbulence
18-21, M
10 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Heheh x)

Cute you guys, real cute. :D

Hahaha alright then Little Miss Sunshine

Hahahaha niiiiice xD "My love for you", *breaks into laughter*, is staying right where it is^^

I mean, I'm not wanting a relationship right now, try to contain your love for me. =|<br />
:D<br />
Meheh.. nevermind, I'm just joking.. trying not to be sad about it..

And by that you mean..? =P

Yeah.. =P<br />
<br />
Don't be makin' advances on me now. d=

That's great! Don't get me wrong, I'm sorry it had to end but...well, exactly that: it had to end. You truly deserve more than what you two had. I'm glad that you're still friends though =]

Just recently.. Allyrs' advice helped me to finally put my foot down. <br />
It happened quickly; said what I had to say, she understood, a flip and a hoop later we were back to happy good friends. :D <br />
My heart's at peace with it, just kinda sad it had to end like that. =/