Who Are You?

     Do you have an important job? Is it more important than the job of the next person? How should we prioritise how important a job is? If you're a brain surgeon or a medical scientist is your job more important than that of a truck driver or cleaner? Let's look at that for a while shall we?

     Let's imagine for a moment that there were no cleaners. Your favourite pub or club would end up pretty quickly being a disgusting and smelly place to be. Either that or the licensee would have to get his own staff to do the cleaning which would probably push up prices.

     Every meat processing plant or slaughterhouse would have to close down so as not to poison everyone who ate their product. Eventually you would find that there would be no meat products on the supermarket shelf. And this would apply to nearly every type of food product. Fresh fish and vegetables, processed and tinned.

     And then there's the office you work in. Next time you're sitting at your desk, just look around you and imagine what the office would look like in a week's time without cleaners. What about two weeks? Or a month?

     We all go about our day just assuming that everything will be as it should be. We don't stop and think about all the unseen people who make it happen.

     What I guess I'm saying is that just being a brain surgeon doesn't automatically make someone a better person that a cleaner or truck driver or dish pig or whatever. What makes a good person goes much deeper than that.

     Love youse all, HMDF.

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

This is a wonderful point and a huge reason why I am a socialist. People believe that pay is proportional to effort or intelligence. It is only proportional to the amount of money and time you were able to devote to education that should be free in the first place.

that is a very good point well made.