Getting Creeped At Chick-fil-a

So I totally love Chick-fil-a especially the soft serve ice cream... So when I go back home that is one of the first places I go... So over Christmas break I was back in Texas and had an afternoon to kill before meeting up with my brother... I had my laptop and phone and decided to kill some time at the local store... So I ordered a large soft serve and sat at the very back booth where I could see everyone and pulled up my book on iTunes and started to read and eat the ice cream...

I was pretty involved with the book and the ice cream and I was totally just licking the cone like a horny woman probably... But I get this funny feeling, like when you know someone is watching you? Anyway I look up and sitting about 2 tables away are three guys and they are totally staring at me... Watching me eat the ice cream... Of course they all looked like deer caught int he headlights... Then turned away...

I was so embarrassed and had no idea how long they had been watching or how bad it looked... Thankfully they left and I was off the hook... I had a big laugh about it later...
KeeleyKool KeeleyKool
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I would have asked you out or at very least tried to strike sort of conversation.

I would too..would of been great on video! We all want to be that ice cream cone!

There's a video of it goin round the internet.

Pretty much viral. =)

Ha! I thought you looked awful familiar... I should have known three guys up to no good were really a film production crew... I freakin live next door to Hollywood, a film like that can only help my popularity here...

Must have been good ice cream!

Lol ok... I totally didn't even think about it for two seconds... I sat down alone and just forgot what I was doing... Made worse that I was reading... I'm sure or was a great show

Hey I get it...I too have enjoyed a good ice cream cone. :) But there is definitely a distinct difference between a guy licking a cone and a cute girl! Yes, I'm sure they enjoyed it!

Lol... Probably right!