I haven't found many people who will take me as I am. Then again; I can't accept myself for who I am so I shouldn't expect much from others...
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@lovelessbutterfly..it's difficult to think otherwise isn't it?<br />
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@Firstee I so agree...it's just hard.. you know?

Hi CHC,<br />
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My advice would be to "love yourself" for exactly WHO you are, and then find people that love you for it. Not because you need their approval or acceptance, but because they are seeking someone real and authentic. <br />
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At the same time if you don't find someone to love you for WHO you are...be patient. You will soon attract real people (as difficult and as rare as it is). But it DOES come down to self-love. Love yourself and then you won't expect, need or desire it from anyone else. <br />
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I noticed that you mentioned that you don't accept yourself. Ask yourself why. It's none of my business, but usually it comes down to em<x>bedded pain that you have digested as your truth. Whatever it is...reconcile it and release it. Let nothing hold you down from being the magnificent being that you are from the time of birth. <br />
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It's society that teaches you otherwise...(just food for thought). You have a birth right to a life time of joy, happiness and love in all ways. Own it!<br />
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Sending you my best and a Hug!<br />
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i often think like that too..heh<br />

Well said mysong.. And thanks for your kind comment