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I'll Bite The Bullet And Do It..

This is hard, I've even had people tell me what they like about me 'cause my mind goes blank. Here goes nothing. 

1_ I like my intelligence
2_ I like how accepting I am of all kinds of people.
3_ I like my awesome choices in music
4_ I like how I am not afraid to be who I am (although I am slightly bothered with who I am, oxymoron eh?)
5_ I like how deep my eyes are.
6_ I like how I have a passion for helping people and wanting to change the world for the better.
7_ I like that I have such radical views on politics.
8_ I like how I can be completely sarcastic and joking and everyone takes me seriously.
9_ I like that I was born on a cusp (Gemini/Cancer)
10_ I like that I have an open mind to anything.
11_ I like my wit/sense of humor.
12_ I like how protective I am of the ones I love.
13_ I like that I never walk away from situations.
14_ I like that I stand up for those who cannot for themselves.
15_ I like my stubbornness and my argumentative personality.
16_ I like how I never change my beliefs for anyone. 
17_ I like how I constantly contradict myself on almost everything (see number 4)
18_ I like that I've been through so much already and keep going to make things better. 
19_ I like how I can never finish a fictional book, but re-read a non-fiction book.
20_ I like that I have so many dreams and continue to build on them.
21_ I like that I'm good with computers.
22_ I like that I'm still a virgin and am waiting for someone that feels the same way I do. 
23_ I like how I go for long walks in the middle of the night.
24_ I like that I don't do drugs, smoke, nor drink when everyone in my family and grew up with has an addiction to some degree.
25_ I like that I can be out in public and totally be screaming along to a song that I'm listening to. :P
26_ I like how odd I am with my hairstyles. 
27_ I like that I'm not afraid to try new things. Ever.
28_ I like that I'm so impulsive and emotional (leads to bad actions at times, but also interesting ones!)
29_ I like how I grew up (very poor).
30_ I like how I'll always get back on my feet whenever something horrible goes wrong.
31_ I like my artistic side (although it doesn't come out THAT often.)
32_ I like how odd I can be at times and completely embarrass those who are with me. 
33_ I like how I give good advice to people who really are in need of it.
34_ I like that I will do anything to make my friends and family feel better, even at my own expense. 
35_ I like how giving I am to people that are in need.
37_ I like  that I'm completely open/transparent with my emotions and thoughts.
38_ I like how my thoughts and beliefs are always changing and evolving based on experiences throughout my life.
39_ I like that I have such compassion and hope for humanity in general.
40_ I like how effing cheap I am. (I will wear a pair of shoes until they literally fall apart, my Chucks are on their last legs now). :P
41_ I like how my imagination is endless as if I'm a child dreaming of unrealistic things. 
42_ I like how honest and blunt I am. (in a non-hurtful way)
43_ I like how I believe the number 13 is a lucky number, not a bad one.
44_ I like how I will sit and listen to most people will avoid. (most of the time they have the most interesting and best things to say, even if they're literally insane)
45_ I like how I'll stand holding a door at a store for ten or more minutes because I'm afraid of letting the door go on someone. 
46_ I like that I strive to better myself in every way possible.
47_ I like being so different than most people I encounter. 
48_ I like that I'm a pacifist. (Or at least try my best to be)
49_ I like that I can relate so well to children and older people, but not people my own age.
50_ I like how respectful I am of everyone and their beliefs and opinions as well.  


revolutionaryinjustice revolutionaryinjustice 22-25, M Nov 8, 2011

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