5 Things About Me Beautiful And Ugly

1.iam strong i dont give up easy and i fight hard.
2.i am loyal i stand by my family or fiends
3. iam passionate about the things i love or believe in
4. iam wild spirited i love to run in the forest and swim in the rivers i embrace nature and will never be tamed
5.im smart i love knowlege and information

1. iam a little evil at times and have a bad temper if pushed to far
2.iam clumsy and forgetfull
3.i love my alone time a little to much so sometimes i push people away
4 iam self destructive, i dont do it intentionaly but somehow i always screw everthing all up
5.i dont take good care of myself, i need to eat healthier and quit smoking
shadowhuntersoforegon shadowhuntersoforegon
22-25, F
Mar 31, 2012