Restrain Yourself! (to Only 5)

These are in no particular order... well, okay, they're in the order in which I could think of them.

1. Understanding - I may not agree with you, but I can usually put myself in your shoes so I can see your side of the story. I refuse to judge a person until I know their "Standard", and then judge them by that.

2. Genuine - I try to be myself in every situation that I'm presented with. I don't want to regret a single action I make just because for a few minutes I forgot who I was.

3. Trusting - I believe that people, as a general rule of thumb, strive to be "good". This allows me to trust most people that I come across.

4. Selfish - I try not to act on it, but I do tend to think of myself first. I want to be unselfish, but my first instincts betray me.

5. Unique - There are only one of me as long as I try to be no one but myself.


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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

1. I've found that I can't trust or believe anybody until I've met other people who know them as well. I also like meeting the people in peoples' stories, or else I don't give the story much weight and don't form opinions about some innocent I've never met. This helps me 'fr<x>ame' the storyteller and see just how stand-up/delusional they are.<br><br />
On the other hand,<br><br />
3. I've always thought that if somebody needs to tell you their life story, or genuinely needs help, they're pretty trustworthy just by doing that.<br><br />
And I like your icon.

these are some good qualities. even the selfishness is necesary at times... <br />
take care of yourself.<br />
thanks for sharing.