I Have to Make Up Some!

5 is a lot, but here I go:

1. I have no patience, it's really hard for me to wait

2. I never lie, that's not a virtue, I am always in trouble

3. I can see everyone's point of view, that is bad also, I am always confused!!

4. I can make people laugh, it's unintentional and mostly at me!!

5. I can swim, this is a virtue, I won't drown! at last I found something good!

It was really hard.

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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15 Responses Mar 29, 2009

lol... maybe you are not too hard on yourself, maybe your just honest and self aware. those are great qualities

@ kctiger: Wow! I wish I was that confident, thanks for the kind comment

LordVoldemont, You should have said, and you should write this down and stick it to your mirror and read it every day.<br />
<br />
1. I'm honest<br />
<br />
2. I'm loyal<br />
<br />
3. I'm open minded<br />
<br />
4. I'm Intelligent<br />
<br />
5. I have a since of humor.<br />
<br />
And I'm worthy of love and I'm going to be the best person I can be.

Do write more, I didn't limit it to 5, the group creator did this.

Iam crious<br />
talktive<br />
speak Arabic and English<br />
cute<br />
honest<br />
ohhhhhhhhhhhh Iwanna write more but you said 5

Thank you guys, I'll try that

Try to be more positive

Nice list, at least you can swim

@ tsk: I am too loyal as well, I know what you. You are such a nice person, thanks for being my friend.<br />
<br />
@ LP: I strongly agree with your list, I have known you for a week and I already know all that about you, thank you for being you.<br />
<br />
@Seasonalmelancholic: Loving like crazy, is a good quality, and helping friends is a really good quality.<br />
<br />
Thank you all for sharing

@ Lawlover: I would love to talk to you<br />
<br />
@ Warrior Mom: I think I was raised that way<br />
<br />
@ Artisina: I love the honest but not brutal thing, I might quote you. Your list is fantastic

N0.1 and n0.3.totally me.totally!other threE would be am very em0ti0nal and have ability to love like crazzzy! And am to0 kind.s0mtime f0r my own g0od.and the last oNe would be am alwaz ready to help my friends anytime,anysituati0n.

LV, you are too hard on yourself.<br />
<br />
1. I am intelligent<br />
2. I am well educated.<br />
3. I am very empathetic.<br />
4. I mean what I say, and say what I mean.<br />
5. I am very perceptive.

HUM! <br />
<br />
1. I am loyal...sometimes when I shouldn't be!<br />
2. I love with all that I.<br />
3. I am the person who you can always count on when the chips are down! You can even call me at 4 am just to chat and keep you awake!<br />
4. I am honest and I always tell the truth!<br />
5. I am someone who would give you my last dollar if you needed it!

You are wayyyyy too hard on yourself. <br />
1. I am honest but not brutal.<br />
2. I understand most points of view, unless they are selfish.<br />
3. I love people just as they are and if I can't, I don't hang around them. It is not my place to judge.<br />
4. I have boundries.<br />
5. I pay it forward.<br />
oes this help? Hope so. :)

I agree. You sound like your very hard on yourself.