Please Read This Story Before You Add Me, Even If You Have Read My Other Stories.

i carefully chose my top 20 experiences to be most closely resembling the experiences in my personal life right now. i am not a person who chooses random experiences that i don't have and my top 20 - 30 are subject to change as my experiences in real life do. i've chosen this website to be the one place online where i will bare my soul to all, albeit anonymously. all of my experiences are very real and describe aspects of who i am and my stories will show some of it but not all.

i feel it is my duty to warn prospective friends and people wanting to add me to their circles, i am not as loving at times as some others here may be. i have been seriously hurt over the last decade of my life and i am suffering a great deal because of it all right now, i am not always understanding or even in a good mood to talk. i am using this website as therapy like a lot of others are while trying other things to heal in my real world as well.

i have issues with men and i am not here to explain myself to them. i have no respect or love left for them in my heart and i feel some of them would be hurt if they added me before knowing this. if you think of yourself as a good man and are hurt by the suggestion that some women hate all of your gender then i am not good friend material for you. becoming friends with me in order to try to change my mind about this would be a grave mistake and your own loss. please just leave it if this is you.

i am not a cruel person and would really like to have some friends here, i just wanted to warn folks that i do have some issues and i'm a person who's hurting in life right now, not enjoying it as i'd wish to.

Areyan Areyan
Aug 6, 2010