Please - I Want You To Know Me, As Well As I Know You.

Something surprised me last night.

I've been on EP about 4 months now, and I have a good circle of friends. I was private messaging someone in my circle - and telling her about my day- and she said "wow- I had no idea"

And why did she have "no idea"

Because she had not been through my profile.
Thatz why I put it up there - so you can look at it- get to know me- like I want to know you.
What is the point, of me spending hours and hours, typing all of this stuff about my life, and every time I make a new friend - they ask the same questions!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me just highlight a couple of my posts/stories you MUST read;:-

1. My 100 things about me you should know.
2. My blogs.

Why do I write this?

Well I am here for a reason. I want new friends, new people to chat with.
I love making new friends, but after a few weeks, I say something, and my new friend, says something like-"oh - I don't know anything about that,or, "no- don't like that!!"

Why are you friends with me then????

Why make all that effort, and yes, I do put a lot of effort into my Ep friendships - and then not know anything about me!??

I know you have your own life -and probably many many friends on Ep,
But I want you to KNOW me.
I know the first name of most of my 44 friends-
I know where most of my 44 friends live in the world.
I know what makes my friends, my friends!!

Last weekend- I removed over 100 friends- no contact, no interaction, nothing-
If I said hello, I might, or might not, have got a responce!!

So- be warned.
If you want to be my friend- it's in the condition that you know something about me.
And pop by, from time to time on my whiteboard, or private message me if you prefer.

But dont ignore me - by all means- if you want to know more about my life -ask me!
If I find you are just lurking in the background, you will soon find yourself "unfriended"

Much love to my friends
Speak to you all soon

Lots of love

Mark xxx
expressomarkie expressomarkie
Jan 20, 2013