How I Feel About This.

I don't need  anyone's approval, acceptance, love, etc.  But if people want to be in my life, they've got to accept me for what I am.  I am getting so tired of the people I know trying to change me or putting me down for the things I do. 

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Once again, MDM, this story was not written for you.

I can honeslty say too u I have been at this point in my life before, matter fact I have something similar too it I just posted today its called afarid, I do not know excatly how u feel, but I know what's it like to have no one accept u for u, but I am proud of u and u do not need to take no **** from a fool who cannot u because they cannot accept u. Personally I admire u for comming out and sharing this experince, too read something like this tells me alot because I am not the only one going through this so ty for sharing ur story.