I Do

Can you do that? Will you do that?  Please?

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19 Responses Mar 6, 2009

You are so sweet Brut. Thank you sweetie.<br />
<br />
Snowy, I love you too my dear friend.

*still raising hand*<br />

No need to ask me, it goes without saying and it is unconditional...always!

u2 love.

I want you to want me.......<br />
<br />
Hope you have a great day fg

awww ty sweetie. ditto

What's NOT to love? Nothing! (((hugs)))

Hey already on-board Fg ......

Why do yo have to ask? You know that I send my love unconditionally! Love you, you wonderful woman!

Brut you are adorable.<br />
<br />
TY wordsmith. LD love is awesome too.

I'll love you if only from a distance.

*brut raises hand*

LOL BB! I love you dude.<br />
<br />
Art, I love you too. I am sitting here with Happy Bunny this morning. I just made you dance the Charleston. Did you enjoy it? LOL<br />
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Awww PBR.. I love you too sweetie.<br />
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MT, You are so precious and I adore you. You are so cool even if you can't get the flower order right lol. I had to do that bc that has been your mood for two days lol.<br />
<br />
Awww Rog! Now you know what I feel.

You can ask but the answer will always be the same.<br />
<br />
Now if you just want to hear it.<br />
<br />
Luv U FG!

I know Chris. MMMM<br />
<br />
Awww RR, My pantis are almost all thongs these days.

You know I love you FG.

RR, You are so sweet.<br />
<br />
Dew, it is the toes clouding your judgment.

Yes. You have touched my heart. I feel compassion for you.<br />
<br />
And it is not just based on passion for your toes!...DD

Oh sweetie thank you.