Make Me A Sissy

just love having a Mistress who makes me face up to the fact that i am a sissy!last weekend my Mistress had me dressed as a pink sissy in a short satin ruffled dress pushed out by a pink petticoat with pink socks with love hearts on them and mary janes on my feet and my sissyclitty on display by being tied up in a pink ribbon with suitable sissy makeup and hair style for afternoon visit by her dominant female friends and their sissies!
mandiejune mandiejune
51-55, M
4 Responses May 19, 2011

my mistress has me lock in chastity has me in panties bra an have to do all the house chores<br />
serve her guess when they come over girl fiends not allowed to change all weekend long must stay in my sissy clothes

mandie, may i go with you next as your excort.?

Yes had to lick all their ***** until they came and later had to lick and worship their bums before getting a goldern shower from them all!

How lovely, please tell me more about the afternoon. Did you get to service the other superior ladies at this event?