My Wife Was An Amateur Model

Two years ago, my wife answered a newspaper ad to pose three hours weekly at an evening art class over three semesters. 

 At my urging, she had been dating other guys for just over one year. The youngest of those was a student and amateur photographer, and he had been suggesting she do some modeling for the previous few months.

She was then 26. She is a brunette, a slender, long-legged 5'9" with brown eyes.

Unexpectedly, through an art student who worked days at a downtown photography shop, she picked up additional work with several amateur photographers. Many of those hobbyists look to photography stores personnel for model referrals. She became one of five women whose names were maintained on the store's private-modeling roster.

To the best of her knowledge, none of the photos were actually published, although she signed releases allowing them to sell the photos.

She enjoyed those part-time jobs at the school and with the photographers. I asked whether being naked in the one-on-one sessions with the photographers made her hot. She said, "Well, sure. It's, like, really erotic! Some get hard-ons."

All but one of the photographers were men, their ages ranging from their 20s to about 60.  Their "studios" were whatever room in their homes or apartments were convenient.

The youngest lived in a suburban apartment. He always removed his clothes after she shed hers. He offered the lame but satisfactory excuse, "I'm sure you'd be more comfortable if we're both nude." My wife recognized of course that he was an exhibitionist. She suspected that she had the same tendency but not, perhaps, as strongly as his.

Marilyn didn't mind. She enjoyed watching him get hard as he "worked." He was about 5'8", an inch shorter than my brown-haired wife, whose hair was then dyed black. He was slender, pale skin that seemed to her as almost porcelain, and he wore metal-rimmed glasses.

At his request, my wife shaved her mound for the next photographic session. She followed each shaving ritual by applying body lotion over the area and reapplied it just before he began taking pics.

After three separate one-hour sessions a week apart, he asked if she would mind holding his penis as he stood alongside her and snapped their pictures with a remote device. By this time, the scheduled hour was up so they were on their own time. 

She said, "Sure." She stroked his **** as the camera took their first side-by-side photos.

Now gazing down at the monster in her hand, she was astonished. Even at the previous distance between them, she had admired his sizeable ****. Up close, though, it was more impressive.

She gasped, "Good heavens!" There was no curve whatsoever. It seemed perfectly straight. She describes it as a "very pretty pink," with only a single bluie vein winding around its length.

His dickhead seemed oversized and sculptured. She assumed that, after that massive cockhead penetrated a vagina, the rest of his large **** should quickly slide through the furrows without further pain.

Her ***** pulsated in the excitement of her soft hand on the hard, rubbery ****. She felt a surge of disappointment that the opportunity hadn't advanced further.

She asked if he minded if she took a pic of his rod with her cell phone cam but didn't tell him the pic was for me. The photo was staggering when shown with her hand partially around it. The length and breadth of his **** looked like a log. His size was truly breathtaking; I would tell her later when I glanced at the pic, "I don't understand how you pick them! That's amazing!"

On the following week's session as she held his erect ****, he stroked a breast. His velvety shaft pulsed in her fist.

She whimpered as her fingers fluttered over its breadth and cupped his ample balls. Her body shivered and her nipples stood out like spikes. In the heat of the moment, she was lubricating in lusty anticipation.

He forgot all about his camera, turned off the living room lights and led her to sit alongside him on the couch. He urged her to her back and kneeled between her legs as he mouthed her breasts and clitoris. She looked down as his long tongue slithered over her bald *****.

She enwrapped her long legs about his neck and moaned until she came in a series of shuddering climaxes. He lay one of her legs across the back of the couch and she guided his penis into the mouth of her *****. 

Her body shuddered as his **** plunged into her womb. This didn't happen without considerable apprehension. Fearing pain, she watched anxiously as his broad dickhead spread apart her vagina.

She dug her heels into the couch, arching her groin to give him full access to her ****. She squealed momentarily as it sank into her tunnel.

He thrust mightily, causing her to gasp at his python's assault. She was surprised how smoothly his log easily glided through her creaming cuntal walls as if greased.

She moaned and whimpered, "Oh my gosh! Your big **** is pushing against my cervex! You'll probably get me pregnant, but don't stop."

They ****** wildly. She screamed lustily, "Stronger! Faster! Deeper!" 

His body stiffened and he groaned as his seed flooded her lubricated ****.

They showered together. When his **** rose to full mast again, they toweled off and walked hand in hand to his bedroom. He lay on his back. She straddled his hips, lowering her groin as he gripped his **** and guided it into her creaming ****. She bucked in rhythm with his each upward thrust and begged, "**** me!"

He turned her to her knees. Her fists gripped the headboard as his **** entered her ***** from the rear. Tears of joy streaked her cheeks like diamonds on pink velvet. His penis slid through her slick tunnel and sank full length to its base.

His rigid shaft propelled through her hot channel. His balls slapped her buttocks. Her body shuddered. She moaned and swiveled her head around to watch as he ****** her from behind.

Her head gyrated and her hair flailed the warm night air. She orgasmed yet again as he groaned and his body stiffened. His hot lava exploded inside her cuntal walls.

She wailed, "Oh yeah! You're a'floodin' my womb!" She was ******* again.

They collapsed side by side onto their backs. She sat up and leaned to suck his **** a half hour until he was hard again and spurted into her mouth. She swallowed all, to the last droplet.

My wife arrived home that night about 2:30 a.m. I was already asleep, not waking until about 4:00, at which time she described all that happened as she alternatley stroked my rigid stalk and sucked its length.

That, for reasons unknown, turned out to be their last session. He didn't call and she didn't phone to learn why he hadn't.

She continued modeling for various local amateur photographers another six or eight months but tired of it and had her name removed from the downtown photography shop's referral list.

Her only "modeling," if you can call it that now, is for occasional pics by friends at our homes or theirs. These are free, of course, just for fun or as a social activity, not for any artistic purpose.  

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Great story, really liked reading it.

I love her adjusted vagina.Give a kiss from my side to her there.

To dvijay: No, that's a myth. A big **** doesn't make a woman loose, at least after a few minutes. The vagina adjusts.

Thats a great story.Such a great ****,how could she forget and I want ask you one thing.After that session with such a big shaft she might have become loose there.Didnt she?