Beliefes My Soul Carries With It

I believe that life is an unexpected venture; we didn’t plan it, but we are experiencing it and constantly changing because of it.

I believe honesty is a virtue not many people truly possess.

I believe fate is what we make it to be.

I believe passion will always rule reason, for better or for worse.

I believe that the greatest harm can result from a person’s best intentions.

I believe the greatest gift in life is forgiveness. Certainly in the forgiveness you are able to give, but more so in the forgiveness you can receive from others.

I believe that, no matter what your association is with a person, whether it be friend or foe, you should always pay close attention to their actions instead of the lies that they use to deceive you with.

I believe that far too many focus on what was, and too few focus on what is.

I believe that you get what you pay for in life. You can’t expect to receive something if you haven’t earned it. You have to do the foot-work yourself.

I believe the most powerful thing in life is the ability to love another person, unconditionally, no matter what.
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Oct 10, 2011