Fill In the Blanks

Many of us know the originals of these famous advertising slogans, but they just cry out to be made more...shall we say...creative.  So fill in the blanks, and have fun!


1.  I Dreamt I Was     (Verb ending in -ing)     In My     (Adjective)         (Noun)     Bra.

2.  A-1 Makes     (Noun)     Taste Like     (Noun)    .

3.  Ace Is The     (Noun)     With The     (Adjective)     Hardware     (Noun)    .

4.  M&M Melts In Your     (Noun)    , Not In Your     (Noun)    .

5.  AT&T.  Reach Out And     (Verb)     Someone.

6.  BMW.  The     (Noun)     Car For Those Who     (verb)     To Relax Their     (Plural Noun)    .

7.  Levi.  Who's Got The     (Adjective)     Fitting     (Noun)     In These Parts?

8.  Vidal Sassoon.  If You Don't     (Verb)         (Adjective)    ; We Don't     (Verb)     Good.

9.  V-8.      (Interjection)    , I Could Have Had A     (Noun)    .

10.  U. S. Marines.  We're Looking For A     (Adjective)     Good     (Noun)    .

11.  Yellow Pages  Let Your     (Noun or Plural Noun)     Do The     (Noun or Gerund)    .


Have Fun!

EBunbury EBunbury
46-50, M
3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

So come back later! :-)

They are fun!

Compliments of the placemats at Kilroy's restaurant in Las Vegas.