It's Mutual..

I love playing with my partner's hair or having my hair played with, it's calming and it's such an easy way to convey heartfelt attention towards someone else or to simply show fondness.

The guy I'm seeing often has his hair gelled especially when he has to work, he HATES anyone who messes it when he has it fixed, even his mom is absolutely not allowed. Of course, I can mess it up however much I want though.

He once gasped,"!!! no one..NO ONE touches my hair..even my mom! i just fixed it!"
Me: " *messes some more*"
Him: "....."
"Just coz it's you then.."
soooooooo cute! :]

My mother used to experiment with my hair and I absolutely loved it even at the time when she TRIED and failed to make it pretty during elementary when we had class picture. I often play and fix my friend's hair as well along with my sister who rivals me when it comes to who has the longer hair, she can't fix it as well as I do though!
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2 Responses Jun 28, 2011

its a very lovable fondness when she plays her fingers thru my hair ...tried it very successfully and got erotic moment after moment ....its a gr8 foreplay too when she combed my pubics ....I did the same to her and she shuddered when I licked her in *********** that is a great find ....combing.!!!!!!!!!!<br />
I even tried to palm her boobs and run the comb from the shoulder to the nipples was just so very you

Thats it seem very precise in your likings ,fondness for precision,hating what you dislike .passionate in love ,calmness of the mind .