I Want To Find Hair Fetish People From Northern Europe!


I have a hair fetish obviously, and i see there are many like me here! But i never meet people like us in real life tho.. I am from northern europe and I want to come in contact with both boys and girls with a hair fetish from this part of the world! Seems there arent too many :P If not to meet people, its fun just to share stories aswell :)

Short about me:
I get turned on by all kinds of hair, but preferably thick, silky and long hair! Straight or wavy, ponytails, loose hair and buns. Black, brown, blond or red.. I love it all :) Im a 27 year old straight man and i have been in love with hair all my life! I dont curently have a partner, and would love to find a girl one day with long beautiful hair and hairfetish. Or someone who will at least let me explore my fetish with her :)

Contact me if your from Sweden, Denmark or Norway and we can exchange exciting hair stories :D

Dansor Dansor
26-30, M
Sep 5, 2012