I love my hair being played with. So calming and relaxing. Especially when I get migraines, always makes me feel a bit better. If I could go to sleep everynight with someone running their fingers through my hair..I would. lol
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come on over ;]

I Love Girls with Long Hair. I like it down to their Lower Back or Upper Back, at least Shoulder Length. I Love Playing with a Girls Hair too :) I Love Running my Fingers through it, putting it in Ponytails, trying to do Up-Do's, Brushing it, Washing it, Blow Drying it, and Straightening it :) When a Girl asks me to Play with her Hair, I say yes with no hesitation. I will Play with it for Hours and Hours and not expect a single thing in return. If you want to talk more about Hair, Message me...I'd like enjoy that.

I love hair and playing with it. ;)

I'd be happy to play with your hair. Next time you get a haircut send me a lock of it then let me know when to start playing with it and it'll give me something to do.

..your username fits you well. that was the creepiest thing I've heard all day.

Oh, I can be much creepier if I try. or fartier. and older hopefully

lmao. well you just keep that to you okay?

I try not to share certain things that tend to lose me friends ;)

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In the right setting,that could be very relaxing for both parties involved. :)

I thought I was the only one who got migraine relief from that. I love it when someone runs their fingers through my hair, then gets a good handful and pulls on it. I am the exact opposite of "tender headed."

but your head on my chest let me play with your silky hair while u listening to my heart beat :]

If I could have a girl's head on my chest every night while I run my fingers through her hair...

That's exactly how everyone should go to sleep! lol