Can't decide! Long or short hair!!
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OMG You're a cutie pie. I think shoulder length, not too short not too long

Good night

Short hair is sexy.

Good night

If you go with long, I get to braid it

Long it better to pull ;)


Long hair so that u can braid ur hair nicely.


It depends on a lot of things really. Head size and shape, face shape, and of coarse your personal preference.


i do that too...whenever am concentrating on something i do it faster..

def long

I think the shape of your face would work well with shorter hair.
Have some courage. Try it short. Even if it wasn't what you expected, a talented hair stylist will still make it look good. You'll always have the option to grow it long again.


I'd love too!

Well I always was a fan of the long hair that is not distracting but very styled. And very elegant. And if it's short it's neat and not messy. I've seen long hair that is good, some short ones that were good, and vice versa. I love Audrey Hepburn. She know how to create that elegant look. My favorite actress. So really it just depends on what you do with your after you get your desired length. How do you like to wear it?

Audrey Hepburn is my idol and short hair is easier to maintain but with my current facial shape I wonder if short hair fits me

Is that the way your hair is now? The one on your profile pic?

Now my hair is like the one on the upper right.. Not short or long.. That's why I'm asking u guys if I should keep it long or short

Well I think it's fine the way it is. I remember Audrey had one look she did with hair about that length. She took the front of her bangs and wrapped it along the side of her head, and did a nice cute tie in the back and connected it together. She left some bangs in the front and it was hanging there. What I love about that look is that it allowed her to fashion and profile her facial features and still kept her hair length and had a nice cute look to her hair. And she used different ties with her hair, even a butterfly clip .
What do you think?

The SHAPE of your face is Halle Berry !! Truly is .... Her hair styles are going to be awesome on you if you want the new look

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Much Cuter on your face in my opinion.



In your pics of longer hair it seems to make the face " dragged down " and your nose too long . Short ! Short ! Short !

Good feedback !! Thanks!!

Girls should have long hair.



I would have to say its because of the shape of your face - you've got such a beautifully shaped face and short hair will define those features.

Hmmm I see.. Sounds very reasonable

Well i prefer upper right and down left , 😄 so i dunno



both r sexy on ya