I Am The Wife..............

I am the wife who wants/my husband to/sleep/w/ other woman. I think its sexy and hot to think of my husband buried balls deep in another womans *****. I am hoping my story sparks some interest for someone......I want to add/this new,unexplored dimension to our marriage..........
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6 Responses May 15, 2012

Forget about those guys whose image of the perfect wife is one who cooks and cleans for them! For a great many men, are the ideal wife! However, if you were with me, I would only hope to add one other thing: that I'd also get to see you with another man "buried balls deep" in your *****.^^*

Let the four of us get together, so we can realise some of our fantasies.

If more wives were this open minded, there probably wouldn't be so many married men "sneaking around" online

Do you have desire to be with another woman and is that the reason for wanting to share your husband with another woman? Is the real reason you want another woman sexually yourself? I think I would enjoy that situation and enjoy having another woman and watching my wife make out with a woman while I play with both of them. Of course only a fantasy. It will never happen.

Hmmmm....maybe that is true,maybe I just eant some *****!

You may have to find a wife like mine who will sleep with other men odds are you will have to go through the husband though.

So if any guys want to share their wife with my husband....let me know