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Horses ....

I don't quite know what it is about horses .... there's a deep connection that I don't fully comprehend ....

They are .... simply ... magnificent ....

AllAboutLaffs AllAboutLaffs 70+, M 3 Responses Jul 14, 2012

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Though I hate cruelty towards animals. I can't easily relate to some stories who can express fondness with animals as pets. <br />
But not with horses. I love seeing them both in real and watching them on screen move or run, galloping as they show their swiftness as they turn curbs and jumps like giants. When I tried to perk up an interest in sketching in HS, we were asked to choose a subject to start with the basic sketching styles. And I chose a horse in a heart beat. The well formed and long tall body, with nice lines, contours to start sketchings with.

They are beautiful ... thanks for your comment ....

Awwww..hugs back..I love you.... just cause you totally understand my twisted lil sense of humor....(((Laffs))) ♥

Well sie .... save a horse, ride a cowboy ... isn't that what they say ???? .... *winks* and (((hugs)))

PERFECT!!! I think you "get" my zanny ways....cause you share them!! :D

I LOVE horses....They are gentle and soooo smart. They can be just as connected to us as any dog or cat and in some ways even more so cause they agree to carry us on their backs...I've never met a horse I didn't love.....I'm a decent lil rider too!! Hubs keeps me in practice... :D * that was sooo inappropriate but I just couldn't resist..* ...blushes and scampers off.... :D

*scampers after sie ... to give her a great big hug* .... loved the reference, you naughty lil cowgirl .... LOL