Cosmic Creature

Yes, here I am. I come from far far away to bring you joy and wisdom.

Wait, I come to bring you MOONPIES.

Yes, and twinkling cosmic bliss....

Here is the twinkling part.

Let me run over and find the MOONPIES....


Many Blessings to all of you for putting up with me.


PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
46-50, F
8 Responses Mar 20, 2009

and i love carrots with my moon pies.....heh

thank you PC..

Huggles back!

Oh NANSELTAR...<br />
I huggles you!

Short on wisdom??? I don't think so!

I am long on joy and short of wisdom, always trying to do my best.

Thanks Wraither, this was an Adobe experiment.

That's exactly what I was thinking before I read the text above your picture. You look like you bring love as well. I hope you succeed. The world needs more of that and of the two things you mentioned. Thank you for sharing, it's a beautiful picture.