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At The Concert

Let me preface this by saying, I love to watch other people, both men and women, feel up my wife's ****.  It makes me so proud to see them enjoy my wife's magnificent boobs as much as I do.  I love to watch her brush her breasts and nipples against other people as she squeezes by too.  We were in Hedo II in Jamaica and I encouraged her to brush her naked **** against everyone she passed.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

A couple years ago, my wife Lynn and I went to a John Berry Concert.  On the way there, we stopped for a nice dinner and got my wife to drink three glasses of wine.  Those of you that have read my other stories know my wife is pretty much a prude unless I get some wine in her.  It doesn't take much, but it always loosens her inhibitions and I'm sure to have a good time. 

At the concert, it was standing room only.  Lynn stood in front of me and I wrapped my arms around her.  As the music played, so did I.  My hands rose up and played with the underside of her boobs.  Having no resistance, my fingers wandered higher and began playing with her nipples.  Did I mention Lynn loves her nipples played with. 

I guess, I should tell you what Lynn was wearing.  I had convinced her it was going to be warm at the concert and she should wear something light.  Thus, she wore a flirty shear sleeveless blouse and a wrap skirt that was longer than I liked, but it was shorter than she liked.  In other-words, it was halfway between her ***** and her knees.  I picked out her lingerie.  Her panties, were bikini style made out of a silky material that I had modified.  I had cut a little hole right at her love button.  I paired that with a shelf bra that I had cut the liner out of and trimmed away some of the cups to make it even smaller.  Now it was pretty shear and her nipples were only half covered.  When she moved, her **** spilled out of it easily.  This might be the reason she drank 3 glasses of wine at dinner.  She was pretty nervous about wearing this lingerie out in public.

The guy next to us on the right noticed me playing with Lynn's ****.  With him watching and with Lynn swaying to the music, I moved my right hand off her breast and took her right hand in mine so I could move it out of the way.  I then guided her swaying so that her right breast brushed against my new frined on the right.  He took the hint and brough his hand to Lynn's breast.  At first, he barely touched the underside as she swayed back and forth.  Each time she swayed against his hand, he became more and more adventurous.  It didn't take long for him to be squeezing her full breast.  My other hand reached under her blouse and pulled the material of her bra cup down so he could better feel her ***.  Lynn began moaning as she swayed.  My right hand let go of Lynn's and slid under her skirt to seek out the secret opening in her panties and play with her little button.  It was soaking wet.  Unfortunately, it was at that point that John Berry decided to take a break and the spell was broken.  Intermission was on and it looked like our fun was over.

I was wrong.  After the intermission we resumed our positions with me standing behind Lynn.   Moments earlier, I watched Lynn return from the ladies room .  The buttons on the top her blouse were now unfastened down to her bra and her breasts were uncovered enough to catch the attention of me and most of the guys who happened to glance her way.  She winked at me, glanced at my **** and said it looked like someone was happy to see her.  

As soon as the music started up again, I asked her if I could remove her bra.  Lynn said sure as long as she didn't have to do anything.  She wanted to pay attention to John Berry.  Did I mention, she totally digs him?  So while she listened and watched John perform, I hiked up the back of her blouse and unfastened her bra clasp.  Our friend to the right gave me a thumbs up and the woman on my left giggled.  I then pulled her bra straps off her shoulders and slid her arms out of them.  Finally, I reached up under her blouse in front and pulled her bra down.  Rather than hide it, I stuck just part of it into my backpack letting the rest of it dangle in full display.  I was proud of my trophy and wanted others to see it.  Lynn shook her breasts and exclaimed that that felt much better. 

Another song started up and I resumed my position behind Lynn and slid my left hand up under her blouse to cup her breast.  Our friend on the right, didn't wait for permission, he slid his hand up under Lynn's blouse and cupped her other breast. Lynn's left hand went behind her and slid between us to grab my ****.  Her right hand slipped out of mine and moved between our neighbor's legs to grasp his ****.  My right hand slid up under Lynn's skirt to pet her panty clad *****. 

I notice the woman on my left that had giggled, edged closer and her crossed arms were within fractions of an inch of my wife's breast.  I couldn't resist.  My hand moved from cupping her entire breast to just the underside.  I lifted her breast and guided it to the womans folded arms.  As contact was made, the woman moved her fingers to play with my wife's nipple.  I couldn't help myself.  I lifted Lynn's blouse to uncover her breast and then once again guided it to the woman's fingers.  Lynn moaned and I felt an increase in the wetness between her legs.   On the right, our new friend was now playing with my wife's *** with both of his hands under her blouse.  Suddenly, Lynn let out a gasp and she climaxed right there atthe concert. 

Lynn slept on the way home but once we got there, we ****** liked rabits.  I was so horny from watching others play with my wife's **** that I ended up ******* her five times that night. 
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Great experience...awesome attitude.

Would love to be that lucy couple. Your wife rocks and togather you guys are of the chart.

oooooh so hot!

we would love to go to a concert with the two of you.

You are a lucky man. A very luck man.

Wow! Really sexy!<br />
I would like to stand near your wife at the concert and being groped by her... :)

Love your adventures!

Love your adventures!

WOOOW! Talk about being in the right place at the right time with the right person and around the right people. What a hot experience. I turely wish I'd been there.

would the beautiful miss Lynn flash me on cam, let me know....

Sorry, no pics of her. Lynn is adamant that I never post a picture of her on the web. I love it when she lets her hair down and does some really sexy stuff in public and I wouldn't want to do anything that jeopardize that. I have no doubt, if I posted a picture, she would never again flash me in public or when we are with friends. I won't risk it.

mmmm, hopeful of seeing the lovely breasts,,, will you post some pics?>

Thats a wonderful night and great story! You shared her with lots of admirers that night, the ones who touched her, the ones who saw her, and now, the lucky ones who get to read about it--thanks for sharing!