I'm A Bbw

But lots of men like that. Just curious how I rate to others besides my hubby! :)
naughtyisnice naughtyisnice
41-45, F
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Please add me and I will certainly rate you!

can't see your pics. Add me so I can rate you please

...happy too !!!

I'd be happy to. Add me and I'll rate you.

What is a ..Bbw ? What ever it is i want to see . From your little pic you look sexy like my mom , she has very nice legs.

i would like to rate

hi sweetheart... *** me so I can see your pics?

I'd like to rate your body too! Please add me as a friend and I'll gladly do the honours,

would love to rate your body. plwase add me in your circle thanks cajunpope

I love BBW and natural breasts! I have experienced numerous natural ladies breasts and quite a few enhanced breasts. No comparison! Natural is always my favorite!

Add me. I'd love to rate you.

i would rat you higher than that. A 10 or more. HOWL!!!

for some reason I can see the pics, but from you profile pic that I can see, it looks like a nice ***..;)

Show me you beauty and ill be the first to answer. Addiis much appreciated xx

i would love to tell you what i think please add me

I'd love to rate ur sexy body please add ;)

BBW are the sexiest women in the world. :-)

You must know how ******* hot you look...i think your very sexy with them ******* and body..lots more fun to play with than a skinny little girl...winner..!!!!!

Thank you! :)

BBW have a lot over those skinny women. First off, I really hate to hold a bag of bones and better than that is making love to a plus-size woman, WOW, I loose it almost as fast as I can get in her! You have my attention 100%

I saw I came I rate you a predict 10++++

Thanks Flatned :) Wait, you came? I didn't get to see? :(

you can see it *** when I ***** **** you.

When you show me your body I'll rate it.hope you add me.

can I see??

natural looking women are the best~

Would love to see them so I can vote. That is my kind of research!

Thats a good question........ideas?

Your looking really beautiful. Great body. Big boobs, would like too see them exposed.

Really? And what exactly would you be willing to do to see them? ;)
Thanks for the compliment BTW!:)

love to have a look

There ya go Luke!

thanks for letting me look getting hard

Tell me all about it :)

I love bbws, much prefer curvey women to stick figures! Please add me and I'll let you know what I think!

If you would like my opinion add me and i would gladly comment!!

Love your sexy confidence

Please add me

Would love to see your pics... add me and Ill see what ya got. ps i love CURVES ;-)

Dunno. Maybe looking for second opinions ...

He says I'm hot ...

How do you rate to your hubby?

He's DAMNED hot! ;)