I'm curious as to what others think about how i look

would appreciate rating on a scale of 1-10 for overall appearance as well as saying what you think is good/bad about my looks and advice on what you think i could do to improve my looks

Bukoden Bukoden
18-21, M
12 Responses Jul 24, 2009

Only if you smile naturally, don't force it. I would rate you high, maybe 8.5 -9. Mainly because I quite like melancholy looking guys expecially when they are handsome with a good body. The towel distracts; would have been better to lose it or crop the picture higher. But a very nice pic of a really nice guy, all summed up in a big "mmmmm". David.

lol, i think i'll pass<br />
but thanks for the rating =)<br />
<br />
i tried a smile in them recently, and it just doesn't look good(only smiles that look good on me in pictures are natural ones)

i agree<br />

oh, i'm almost always shirtless<br />
lucky you, huh?<br />
<br />

lol, i wasn't planning on one of those smiles<br />
was thinking a more natural smile, like when i'm happy(now for

i actually was looking at the pics of me and thought '...hmmm, i never really thought about smiling in these. i think i'll do that next time'<br />

i don't do smiles, they're<br />
not really, i just prefer not to smile for some reason or another....never really thought about it

was at least hoping there would be some insults or something, but at least i got a good answer XP

i guess no one else wants to rate

well you're very welcome.

i'm pretty happy with the way i look, just wondering what others think though =)<br />
thanks for the response(and decent rating XD)

i give you a 7 but really the best way you can improve how you look it too be happy with your body. confidence is sexy.