Hey. My name is Stephanie Manoso. I was a Plum before I married. For those who know me, they will understand that my life and job is chaos, sometimes enjoyable chaos. When I wanted to share what happened to me, but didn’t want to write about it myself, a friend of mine called Janet stepped up and wrote some books for me. J They were a great success and my friends who’s names were used got some money out of it. They were all said to be fictional characters like me, stopping people from flocking here as tourists and stopping people thinking that this crazy **** actually happened. Anyhow, the 18th book is on it’s way out as well as additional in between books. For those that have read the series, I thought that I may as well give an insight about what happens after the 17th book. For those of you that do not know the story, they are known as the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. The 18th book and so on will go slightly further off-track to what actually happened to me. Thankfully! But I’ve been writing these two stories for a while now and I was hoping that someone would give me some feedback on it. J The first I’m quite proud of, the second sounds much more cheesy. The second one starts off with me breaking up with my ex, again, but after a few chapters it makes more sense about how it’s the continuation to the other story. There is a bit missing between the two stories, when you have read the first, you will probably be quite confused with the other one. The underlying plot of me taking the tests and getting really close friendship bonds with the guys is really what happened. Morelli stalking me also happened, but he wasn’t in the police anymore, we could touch him without law restraints, but he had become part of a clan that was hard to get hold of without bait, something no-one was willing to let me be.The second story is writen from different points of views, I can guargentee that what is written wasn’t what the people were neccasarily thinking, it just makes the story better. I may post a third story, working with the same cheesy style of the second story, fine it’s not cheesy, but not the best either. Sorry about any spelling errors, if you notice any, kindly point them out if you would. Once I’ve posted this I may go on to post each story and chapter seperatly. This notice will be at the top of each post so don’t bother re-reading it again. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

P.S. There is quite a bit of **** in this.

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Wow! This is wonderful that you are doing this for us to enjoy!! I am really ready to read now!!

I liked this story;)

Hi there


****? Oh no, I mustn't miss that.

I'm a Stephanie Plum fan too. I listened to all of the audio books my library had while driving my commute. Try one of those sometime, if you haven't already. Once you listen to one of them, the reading experience seems fuller somehow. Maybe it's because you hear the character's voices in your head while you're reading.

Now I understand, had a person tell me about the books and thought your online life was based on it. Other way now I see. Sorry not read any of the books.

Wow! I have read all the books! I love the in-betweens. "Wicked Appitite" is very good. Well I like your avatar. I go around looking at them and commenting about them. I've seen you around and I love the avatar!

sounds cool i will look for when you post your stories

wow interesting ;)

Oh I DO love ****!<br />
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just note one of my school nicknames was smutty badger

interesting writing - looking forward for more

Stephanie you are among few people who I look up to and get inspiration of writing, in fact many things of life.<br />
<br />
Lve your post:)

I haven't read many but this sounds exciting! 1) Separately<br />
lol 2)Guarantee

This is certainly a good intro into what is to come. It is well written and gripping and I highly recommend it just from the opening chapters!<br />
It is very easy to get into the characters who have strong personalities<br />
and powerfully contrasting lifestyles. "Stephanie" is especially easy to <br />
pray for and have deep feelings for!....something of an angel in Hell. As Stephanie herself says above, the character with her name is not fully her until chapter 18.