No Kidding Read Before You Add

Seriously i'm tired of pervs or people with red dots and a ton of sexual experiences trying to add me; i mean i give everyone the benefit of the doubt, barring the presence gratuitous sex or sex with children, animals or avatars that are too graphic, give them a chance to show me sex is not everything they are about. They are welcome in my circle as long as they respect my wish not to talk about sex, and not talk about it constantly. I also do not assume that whatever sexual preference, fetish or interest that's listed in your profile is the whole of who you are or why you came to EP (i'm beginning to see that's a case of stupid me) I even tolerate the well intentioned male or female who wants to regale me with how good sex, ************, toys, and other things can be TO A POINT.

But don't think you can add me to your circle bypass the introductory so why did you add me and start talking about SEX! like one gentleman who apparently needed a refresher on the meaning of that word the conversation went like this:
I messaged how are you

They said I'm good. Where are you ticklish?

i bypassed the question for a clearer picture of what they were hoping to gain from a friendship fearing i already knew asking so what made you want to be in my circle

They said I see your not going to answer me. Because I see you hate stuff about yourself, and I could make you forget about that stuff.

I said and how do you think you could do that for the record i thought mine was a more interesting question and i HATE being tickled

And this is a direct quote of their response Tickling is totally different when it's some one that knows what there doing. Ive tickled a lot of girls that say that. If you ask them after, would they do it again, 99 percent says yes. When your aroused it's not the same. I would tie you spread eagle, blind folded. Rub you down with baby oil. Then tickle you all over your body. Then I would tickle your **** with a feather, until you came.

I said and NONE of that sounds remotely interesting instead it sounds rather creepy

They said To eaches own.

I see how fun you are .

I said whats that supposed to mean??

They said Not open minded.

I said you think because i don't have your particular sexual fetish or better yet don't want to talk about sex with someone i just met no less that i'm not open mined READ THESE

EP Link

EP Link

The links where to 2 of my stories in the following groups I Don't Like to Talk About Sex and I'm not here for dating

 Granted I have something like 300+ stories but in that I have ZERO sexual experiences, ZERO fetishes ZERO provocative, sexual avatars ZERO mood or status updates that mention sex arousal horny or any of the other indicators that said i even MIGHT want anything to with what this guy was offering


And by no means is this limited to people who seem hyper sexual or who are here on EP seemingly solely to get laid, have some sort of sexual encounter as I shared in my not here for dating story i've had people add me looking for a boyfriend girlfriend relationship one person wanted to know everything about me to see if I was wife material had they paid attention to any of my stories or any of my comments they would have known that I wasn't interested in ANY of those things


I've had people talk to me thinking I was male and not idle comments made on other people's stories where gender may not be as readable due to the font size of the information but in private messages- people who make me feel like I have to join the group I am a woman or I have a vagina and have it be one of my top experiences just so there is no confusion


I've had positivity junkies add me looking to change me or help me some just ignoring the fact that my headline says as clear as day positivity junkies beware then they want to remove me from their circle in short order when it turns out i'm not a bowl of of sunshine how much clearer can I make it???

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welli try to avoid adding people with ses sex sex in their profile but the rest of it LOOK before you add

well as i said i don't need a full blown investigation but llook at their profile notice the gender listed notice the experiences and don't start talking about your sexual intrests and fettishes on the first conversation <br />
<br />
there are sites for that EP IS NOT ONE OF THEM

It's not just the pervs. The majority of the people don't seem to read profiles anymore. D=


funny thats what i thought people did

well i'm not asking for an investigation but look at the top experiences the first page under more <br />
<br />
look at their activity what are they commenting on <br />
<br />
and DON'T ignore things like headline, gender, status (particulartly what's not there)

no **** and how can you confuse something as basic as gender NOT in comments or other places on the site but in a PROFILE unlike some mine is listed hello

yeah and i know i started this story with the sexual example/conversation but perhaps i shouldn't have because it is my no means just that <br />
<br />
people who mistake gender, positivity junkies i had one person add me comment on one of my anti positivity overload stories then say to me in PM your someone i'll contact when i'm having a bad day and want to dwell WTF <br />
<br />
then they comment to me that i am not a mimnimalist as they thought they are still in my circle and seem to get it now but come on <br />
<br />
i do not expect people to look at over 200 expeiences before adding me likewise i will not look at every one of thousands but the probelm is some don't seem to lool at all

Good experience.