7 Simple Rules For Being My Ep Friend

1. I'm not here to talk about sex. I am a member of a few adult groups but it's because I CHOSE to be. Not because some pervert is asking my bra size.

2. Don't ask me for pics. I'm here to be anonymous, if I wanted you to see me I'd change my avatar. If we hit it off I will refer you to my facebook account, but I will NOT send out pics.

3. I am a bisexual, liberal, spiritually open but non religious person with a mental illness. Do not challenge me on any of this. You will not will.

4. If you are rude, nasty, obnoxious, immature, or prejudice do not add me.

5. If AnY Of U sTorIEs fEatURe TyPiNG LikE DiS: first, learn english then don't add me.

6. I check profiles and read stories before adding people. If I don't add you for some reason and you don't fit any of the above reasons, message me. I may just be on the fence or you profile may not have enough content for me to sink my teeth into.

7. I have no problem blocking any offending parties.

SlowAutumnWind SlowAutumnWind
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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Are you off your mediation? IF so you may want to start again.

Go girl. This pretty much reflects what I'd want to say, really. Good for you for being assertive!

well said... feel the same way too. I'm sick of all these perverted guys out there