I am not gay so don't add me just to have gay sex with me. I don't mind you looking at my pictures but don't expect me to get turned on by a description of how you want to have gay sex with me.

I like to read good stories so don't add me if you are one who is so busy joining Experience Groups, many with so so similar names, that you can't write a story for at least some of them  and I don't mean repeat after repeat, copy and paste and paste and paste..., of what is essentially just an ad to get someone to do something for or with or to you. I want meaty stories not meety stories.

Since I am a pervert I'm willing to add other perverts, but read my profile and check out my experiences first and see if there is a chance we would be a match in ANY area. I was just fanned by someone with over 1300 experiences and only 32 stories, most of which were ads looking to meet somebody in his area. Come on! Not interested, Don't waste my time, please.
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Thank You, my lovely Mistress

Well said, My slave! I am particularly fond of the "meaty" v. "meety" witticism. This is why you make Me smile.<br />
<br />
I am so very proud of you for asserting yourself this way.