I am a friendly person but I can be kind of passive. It's really just shyness. I'm not so shy when I'm writing an EP story, because when I do I usually feel as safe as a baby in a coccoon in her mother's arms in a nice air conditioned house. I like things that are darkly humorous, I love Mystery Science 3000, I love Tom Waits and many cult movies. Generally I feel as if much of the world doesn't share my obscure but harmless interests.

Check out my profile, and you'll see I have had bizarro experiences with bipolar disorder. And I can be insecure. But I have my head on pretty straight. I'm laid back and have never blocked anyone.

I am not interested in nude photos or diapers. Or photos of diapers. Or bondage fantasies. I have no use for Rush Limbaugh. I'm pretty liberal, but frequently dismayed by politics. I am curious but I try not to be a big snoop. EP is great for someone who's curious.

I like how people respond to this Janis Joplin avatar! I get a lotta comments about it. She was so down to earth and spookily talented; many people must be able to relate.

Well, I hope to see you around.
Sage360 Sage360
41-45, F
1 Response Jul 17, 2010

Greetings and welcome, Sage! This is a good place for shy people; we can take as long as we need to come up with something to say.