Come On In! Welcome to the Realm that is Me.

Are we the luckiest or what?! We've found a place where we can make new friends - laugh with them, share with them, listen and help them, even feel love (and lust ;P ) for some of them. A place to have some decent conversations, learn a few things and share ourselves with others. A place where we can share our deepest thoughts, opinions, emotions, desires and not be afraid of recriminiations.

So, I choose to share myself with y'all - my thoughts, my heart, my fantasies, my true experiences, my desires. Sometimes my desires will be cerebral, some emotional and some lustful.  I'm a kind, loving, caring and generous person.  I like to laugh and giggle.  I'm also a very sexual person. It would be unhealthy to practice some of my desires in real life so I fantasize about them on here, you're welcomed to join me. In fact, please do.

Nobody in real life is likely to know me as well as you do. Take me as I am, or leave me. Your choice. If you want to share yourself with me as I've shared myself with you FANTASTIC - thank you for the honour. If you don't like something I've said or done, tell me. I'm stubborn, but if you can present a different and intelligent point of view I'll listen and maybe even accept. If I don't like something you've said or done I may say something, but I won't judge you. If you choose to make ignorant comments that's ok too 'cuz you're anonymous - you'll just have to live with knowing that, potentially, hundreds of people will be thinking of you as an idiot. (....and what will that do your self esteem and the health of your relationships and peace on earth..oh wait, I digress, what a slippery slope that could have been, whew!)

I love to travel and I, honestly, think this is a place where I can make some serious friends that could lead to real-life visits. (If you haven't already picked it up from my spelling, I'm Canadian, eh)

Welcome to my realm and please join me on my journey.

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You almost sound like a Dear Abbie that is ready to lay everything on the table!!This is good,because everyone has their own opinion.It sounds to me that you got it going on and would love to hear from you anytime!! I will tell you straight upfront that I do post naked pictures of myself on my profile and really don't care if people don't like it.That's just the way I am!!!!

lol Stop yelling at me!!!! lol
I don't hide much of who I am. There's no point because I'm anonymous anyway, only my very closest EP friends know me away from EP and I don't think I'm very different away from EP.
I don't mind that you've posted pics of yourself, as long as YOU enjoyed doing so. I happen to think posting pics is pretty exhilarating. As a matter of fact I think I'm just about due to do so.

Very well written, you haven't scared me, so I would like to be your friend. I know I don't have a lot of public stories. I tend to take another's fantasies and make them our own. I would like to play with you. I think you will like it.

very well put

That's cool. Love to join you.

I'd love to join you

Do I dare to comment? What if we become friends? What will we ever say or do?<br />
Fantasies? OH MY! <br />
Anonymous, now that is a big word, I am beginning to wonder just what it really means. Does it mean sharing ideas and fantasies that we don't dare share at home, for fear of being judged. Or maybe it is an excuse for bad behavior, after all who will know it is me? One can perv., attack and even stalk another on here. I have seen a lot of crazy behavior in my 1 yr on EP. <br />
Anonymous, that word again. I find the more I communicate with a person, share ideas, dreams and fantasies, the more I know them, and as you said "Nobody in real life is likely to know me as well as you do." So at this point we hardly are anonymous any more. <br />
As for Toronto, it seems like a nice little town. Being Canadian? Well let's just say some of my best friends are in Canada, so it's ok! lol

haha I think most of us would be hard pressed to find a true warrier that doesn't dare. :-) We'd be harder pressed to find an Irishman that has run out of tales to tell or things to say, fantastical or otherwise. lol
Anonymous are those that don't know how to enjoy some craic without becoming mean spirited, therefore none of mine nor I are anonymous. Obviously your friends have good taste and common sense if they've chosen to live in Canada. Given that 1.2 million Irish have emigrated to Canada, and your Granny probably told you Irish have good common sense, then I'd guess most of your Irish folk would say Canada is pretty awesome! If some of your best friends are born Canadian then perhaps you have good sense too?

My Grandmother was born in Canada, before finally ending up in Detroit.

Actually I love Canada, it is like a second home. Besides, they talk really cool!
Ahh I can talk yer ear off, if I have half a chance! Stories upon stories, some weird, all true!
I think as we progress and become friends with folks on here, anonymity vanishes. I guess that is why I have become a bit fickle about who I friend. lol

I totally understand the need to be careful and fickle, read selective, when 'friending' people. Lately I find myself ignoring more requests than accepting, and I don't feel the least bit guilty for ignorning them as they have, obviously, not read any of my profile.
I'll meet you at Dora Keogh's and you can share your gift of the gab over a pint.

Now yur talking! Oh shoot....I don't drink! Well a pint of iced tea for the sober irishman!

Fine then. I'm absolutely ok with a cup of Irish tea near the fireplace at Dora's. It's due to get quite chilly tonight. If we go Thursday they'll have someone playing the bodhran and tinwhistle!

sounds like fun!

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I like your style. You are clever as well as super sexy and nothing turns me on more than a hot, intelligent woman. xxxxxx

Came to read this since you had commented on a story of mine. I have seen both of you stories relating to "read this before adding me" and read through your profile. Confident that you would be a good addition to my circle.

An open and honest person is refreshing to find. You are a treasure and a pleasure knowing you - look forward to reading more of your stories and possible friendship.

You have the benefit of living in North America's nicest city.

I'm so happy you think so! Maybe not all of it's aspects are the nicest, but your roll everything together and into one package I'd say you're right. Thank you.

I love Toronto.

I like your style in Photography and have read some of your sexy stories. I like your style. Want to add me sexy? teehee^^ Seriously, I want to follow you updates with your photos. Add me please.

Thanks LadyR, you're very sweet.

Aww you sexy. You're welcome! (slurrp)

You seem an amazing person and would welcome to get to know you. I do need advice sometimes and getting a woman's perspective has helped me in the past...I hope you can continue to do the same. I have many interests but Im just starting out to gather all these together. I would love to join you...if you allow me as well.

If you ever consider travelling to the Netherlands... I'd welcome those lovely boobs to the country personally!

"Share myself with y'all" Canadian ???

I'm multilingual. lol
Besides, anything wrong with trying to appeal to my American Friends?
We cool Hippie man?

To: All Friends who can read<br />
<br />
Re: satelliteg1's comment<br />
<br />
This is what I was sort of talking about when I made the comment about being anonymous. Members like this help prove my point. Though you have to give him credit for being able to write silly remarks when he can't even read. Poor young pup. (tongue in cheek)

I agree with you that we are very blessed to be living in an age where forums like this are possible. Twenty years ago, our ships would not have even passed each other during the night, and here we are almost having a converstion.<br />
<br />
You say in your second paragraph that some of your desires would be unhealthy to practice in real life. Earlier I would have agreed with you, but recently, through reading things here on EP, I've come to see that it is not quite that simple. If I could live to be 110 by eating only gruel everyday, I'd rather take a chance eating some caviar, even if it cost me.<br />
<br />
As for the Canadian spelling, I didn't notice: when you guys write about going out, do you spell it "oout"?

*How quickly things change from 'almost having a conversation.' **If I knew I could die a quick, clean death then maybe. The other method of death would insult my dignity and hurt many more people besides me. ***Why do 'Mericans aks such silly questions?

sound goods to me, partying with some Canadians now in Deluth Minnesota, they like to drink eh. Lol

Very free and willing to have some sexy sensual erotic encounters with sexy people here..women and couples...i mean .Sex makes the world go round xxx

A really great up-beat post. Love your attitude and while I see my own beliefs here, I realize that I often come offend people or hurt their feelings without meaning to.

I think people with strong characters and who stand firm on their opinions often come across too strong. Believe me I'm very familiar with the 'it's not what you say it how you say it' speech. But then, people like us can probably get over an offence pretty quickly too. I promise to always tell you if something comes between us. Please do the same.

Quite a revealing and honest post. And even a bit humorous in places. I wish you a great journey where the roads always smooth.

Thanks! I quite enjoy a bumpy road, adds a bit of fun to the journey. Strap me into a rugged SUV and I'm ready to go! lol

great intro rNr<br />
<br />
it struck a chord with me as i see Ep as a place to explore that which i might not otherwise<br />
<br />
you put the case very eloquently

It's my hope that your honesty reflects the true desires of most women. Externally we all put on a charade of decency, but within we all share your feelings. Thanks!

Wonderfully said!!! I totally agree!!

Well spoken...<br />
O' One of fertile mind...<br />
Me loins...have gotten a bit restless,as I've perused your disclaimer ;)

We will get along just fine.

I would love to.

See what I mean? There are some great minds on EP that think alike! (LOL that wasn't egocentrical at all, was it? LOL)

Hi GirlieS, you may not get to meet any of us in the real world but you'll soon learn that you get to know us far better if you don't. It's precisely because we're 'anonymous' with each other that we open up as much as we do, so not meeting in real life may not be as sad as you think. I'm honoured that somebody with considerably different interests than mine has allowed me to their Friend. Thank you.<br />
Welcome to EP, and thank you for the compliment on my story.

That was the most lovely, and interesting of the handful of such ""please read me first" stories that I've seen. Thanks for sharing of yourself. I'm new toEP, as well. I want to stay anonymous here, so that I can be completely open without hurting my wife or family, and also consider EP an amazing opportunity. Sadly, then, I don't get to meet any of you in the real world, but treasure the opportunity to know some of you here.

Thanks guys! I think we have an amazing group and I'm glad to know you all. Like one of my experience groups says, I'm a lot about sex but not only about sex. Feel free to drop me a line about anything, I'm always willing to give you a woman's and lady's point of view.<br />
Cheers! Salute! Slainte! Boozhoo!

I want to really know you. I'm Don , single, a counselor who listens

Well said! I'm glad that you are so willing to listen to others' views, while staying true to yourself. Welcome and glad to meet you!

Dear rough and ready<br />
I read your note about yourself. I think you express what is inside everyone of us in this site.<br />
sometimes to share what is inside your soul with a stranger who does not know you physically is a fortune. because there are no lies and no pretending. No need to waste time pretending and the other party pretending too. I joined this site to be able to stand nude and tell all my fantasies, dreams and hoping that my soul will meet another soul to chat what is really hidden down deep in us that we cannot even dare to discuss with our closest friends or partners. It is just exactly like standing naked in front of a mirror .<br />
I would be honoured to be your friend to tell me about you and to tell you about my deepest scary thoughts, fantacies, hopes , problems you just shoooooot!!<br />
Hope you will accept my friendship