This Is The Reality Of Me


I wrote this a while ago, and since then I have changed a lot.  So I figured I would write up something new.

First off it is not a quantity thing for me.  If you want to be anything more than a fan, then I suggest you speak to me.  It does not have to be often.  However, I do not like to have floating friends.  I am planning on doing my best to keep up with everyone, however, I am just one person.

Here are some sure fire ways to not get friended by me.  Not PMing me this months passphrase which is "Time To Go To Space".  Of course this is just a test to make sure you read this before randomly adding me.  There is a reason why this group has the title it has.  This is my profile take it or leave it.

Second sure fire way, have a group of any kind dedicated to you.  I am happy to let you be the most loved person on EP.  However, I will not be a part of it.  If you feel the need to have a group dedicated to you then you already have plenty of friends. 

Having a tasteful avatar. We all hide behind this wall of bits.  An avatar reveals more about you than a picture of you does.  I am just fine with people having pictures up.  I am just fine with people being confident enough to post naked pictures.  However, if everyone can see them, then they lose their meaning to me.  I prefer people who have avatars that show interests more than themselves.

Lack of mutal friends or groups.  If you and I do not share at least 5 mutal friends or 5 mutual groups.  Then we are not similar enough.  Given the millions of different groups on this site.  It is hard to say when you are just clicking on duplicate groups.

I will take fans on a case by case basis.  There are always exceptions to the rules.

Next there is me.  First things first I am on a quest of self-improvement.  I like to talk about it.  What is this quest?  Well the gist of it is to become good at seducing females.  So if you have some moral opposition to me only seeking out females, in real life, for sex and no real commitment.  We will likely not get along.  I also like to take about my fitness regiment and other stuff I do to pass the time.

That being said, I am still getting over a suicidal depression.  So there will be plenty of times when I swing back down into a depression.  I am getting better at staying out of them.  However, I am still a long way off of my goals.  I will do my best to stay out of self-pity or at least not throw it all on one person.  However, please not that my mood effects my posts.  It is nothing against you. 

I enjoy a good argument.  Enough said, if you do not like to debat then please do not bother.

This one is for the ladies.  My libido is off the chart.  I do my best to not flirt or make unwanted advances.  I think I am ok at it online.  However, you have to be ok with stories popping up that will make females seem like sex objects.  As for random hook up females.  I post my location for a reason.  So that way you know how close or how far away I am.  If you are on the other side of the country do not tell me how much you wish I could **** you.  Really do not tell me how much you wish you want me to **** you until I see a picture of you.  No matter how hot I am, if I am not attracted to you I will not like the idea of having sex with you.  Not that I expect any females to proposition me.

That is all I can really think of for now.  Oh yeah the real password of this month is reading this post..

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5 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Lol I like your post. I thought it was very honest and funny And well your intentions right now. I would like to add you to my circle still but we don't have more than 5 mutual friends or circles but then I just came to this website last night. I would still like to be in your circle and you can message me any time because I enjoy your flat out honesty. I enjoy debates if I have enough fails information or my opinion is strong about something. Anyways add me to your circle if you want conversation with me. No need in me addin you if you will just delete me . Ya know?

I have been meaning to update this anyway. I no longer beleive the contents of it so it is just a lie

well update away! im interested to see how different it is.

Hmm...Very Interesting and well put! ^^

^_^; Yay you won't slice me up with your fans.

lol no, I won't, I'm a nice person until they mess with me, then i may slice them up with my fans :3

Since you are a software developer, I have no problem using the word "firewall" to describe your fair warning (It's like opening your listening ports but guarding them and others from deeper intrusion). Wish I had been honest to myself and to others at your age or even still at mine.

I appreciate your honesty and Hey You are who you are and no one should try to change you.

Any female that thinks ur annoying should think again