Hello, I am Reece.

If you want to be my friend I would like you to read this (and if you don't I highly dount I will add you).
Today I have been going through my circle and removing everyone that hasn't spoken to me for whatever reason. I have gone from having 350 to about 44. I am tired of seeing completly random people adding me, and then never getting a word out of them again. I AM NOT A NUMBER. I am a person with feelings and thoughts, and I WILL NOT add you if I have never spoken to you
I have a life outside of EP. I have a family (though I admit I have found my family, my "real" family at EP), I have friends, I have a job and hobbies and everything else. I will freely talk to someone about my life, I am not ashamed of it. But obviously I want my privacy and will not talk to you about everything.
I also have problems. That is why I came to EP in the first place. I will listen to anyone who is willing to talk to me about there own too. I will try to help in anyway I can, but you have to understand that I am a friend, that is it.
I don't want to anything other then a friend. I am not interest in having sex with you or anyone or thing you know, I do not want to share revealing photos or anything of the sorts. I have a girlfriend who I love with all my heart, and I am interested in NOBODY ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peverts and the like LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a good and loyal friend, and I expect the same in return.
If you don't listen to what I am saying, I WILL block you.

-Reece =D
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CapriSun123- Thanks for the comment. It's an annoying thing that happens too often these days. Nice to meet you (and sorry for taking so long to write back).<br />
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babyblueeyes0417- Thanks. It's a sad fact that these days on EP it is the norm. and all too common....<br />
<br />
garvan- Thanks for the comment.

Reece,I have posted similar on several occasions,I am not a friend collector and I am always having to cull my circle.I only want members who will keep in contact,I am due another cull and a lot will go,those who have failed to keep in touch.As a long time volunteer many members want me to be in their circles however it is now rare for me to add people,very few are genuine and wish to keep in touch.It is not by chance I have spotted your profile,you have come out from a search I have done on a particular experience.If I should see when I read your profile I may be in touch in a PM.<br />
I fully endorse your view,we are not numbers to be collected,we are individuals with the collective interest of wanting to belong to this marvellous group,The Experience Project.

LOVE THIS! Very true. I try to talk to all my friends on here. It's not a popularity contest. I dunno why some people think it is. And yes, perverts just leave us all the f*** alone.

Well said, Hahah. I keep getting these fan notifications from random people that I have never spoken to before. It's kind of frustrating... And I just like being friends with people I meet on here, most of them are really nice XD So yeah. Nice to meet you, Reece. I'm Shannon :D

you to

Ummmmm yeah....

Thankyou Pixie87 =)

I agree with your philosophy here :)

Thankyou privatenelsonsgal777

Yeah, i dont like perverts either.. I cudnt have said it any better.. like it!!!


i don't know you reese, but i respect the fact that you're a loyal, honest guy. i wish there were more non- pervered guys like you in the world.

Errrrr thankyou

MISS!?!?!?!?!?! I think you mean Mr. =P

....Wish i was more like you Miss ReeceH

I have decided I am just going to make people deserve me adding them. I got sick of adding someone for no reason

i usually do it once a year...at least...i've been a lot pickier lately about who i add to my circle, so i'm hoping it will be a while before i have to do it again lol

It was pretty big but I think I had to do it.... Yeah I can understand that

i'm glad i made the cut! lol that's quite a reduction there! mine went from 222 to 151. i probably could've cut it down some more, but...some are old friends who i hope come back someday...i wouldn't want them to think i had abandoned them you know :)

Awwwwwwwwww thankyou KF =D I went from 351 to 72, and yes, VERY eye opening.<br />
Thanks KF, right back at you **hugs**

well said Reece :) i recently went through a circle clearing of my own...it opens your eyes sometimes that's for sure. i look forward to reading more of your stories and comments :)