Please Bother Reading

If your profile is mostly sexual, please don't expect to be added.. I prefer a little more substance.
if you can't handle a lil profanity, cover your eyes and click the back button.
If your abusive to children men women or animals (mentally, emotionally or PHYSICALLY) .. don't effin bother.
If you want personal details .. i.e. my name number bra size, please keep on moving. Lol
If you have no stories and have not bothered to comment on mine.. then I wont bother adding you.
If your profile pic is a pic of u stroking your "ego" be prepared to stroke it alone
Just use common sense with attempting to add me, my profile is not an enigma.

If you love to laugh feel free
If you have a well rounded profile by all means
If you have a caring heart then I care to add you
If u have read and commented on my stories, most likely I'll beat u to it and add u first.

Note: I do my best to read all my friends stories and keep up with everything that is EP. While still living my life.. I try not to miss much but I'm only human, it will happen. I will miss a gesture forget to return an email or completely miss out on stories. It doesn't mean I don't absolutely adore my effin circle!

update: I'm prone to random acts of tangents and off the wall, may or may not have nothing to do with the story or comments thread postings, so if you don't like to go... "wait.. wtf?!"  then don't add me. 
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57 Responses Feb 23, 2011

Sounds good to me. :)

well said your story made me smile

go back to sleep joel... careful, u spilled your wine there sonny lol

zzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz<br />
<br />
sorry, did you say sumpin?

Lol.. joker u bein random Smartass lol?!

Poach! I caught the ball and became a fan of yours, u seem like a perfect fit for my lil circle .. careful in there summa my friends are a lil wacky and some may bite :)

Gollie! I read your read this before asking me etc.. Very well put. Ireallydont know how I would fit in your Circle or what ever you call it. I just want to say, "Ladies are always Ladies to me untill they prove otherwise." I keep my stuff clean. Tell just facts. Haite a lier.Love humor. When I am laughing and my belliebutton is jiggling, all my pains and wories are gone, my depresions are gone and I am in a happy world. Ifonly for a moment. I have known some people who as far as zI am concerned had no idea whaty humor is all about. I have ran a humor group for over twenty years now. Some of my stuff goes back at least60 years. Yes 60years. I learned them from my father. Ok the ball is in your court.Wish I knew how to get spellin ckerrerer 2 wurk??<br />

Oh my! What in the world have I gotten into. I will try and hold on untill I can figure it out.<br />

Thanx littlelena - all the reasons why I added you dear.. have no clue why I added all these other badasstards though, I must have been having a brain fart day. lol

FMF.. rofl.. that was you?! that expains the order for our fire extinguisher on the wall.. I told them it wasn't an extra large toy and didn't take batteries. lol<br />
<br />
PT - I showed you mine, now let me C yours.. lol you want to trade lingerie too?

I C now, glad i came to your post. :))

PTMAN.. right back at ya ;)

Queenie, now I wanna know what that avatar was... deeeemit! lol<br />
Facingmyfears... rofl! don't hurl yourself I'm a C I'm a C!!! anything to save a life!! lol

your funny, i love your story.

thanks for the comments all<br />
<br />
and HWW... umm, I don't mind you calling again, my profile isn't mostly sexual but I didn't say I wasn't a sexual person. I understand needing an outlet, it's the main draw towards EP I think. ;)

~gasp~ Little Miss Sunshine says profane things!? Also, how did I end up here? Plus where is here?

well blumming said. :)

SEE you are full of Love and whatnot, playing all nice an stuff. You both gave me a chuckle,....ha..(*sigh*)

solo.. dunno bout love, but you definitly gave me a chuckle. Have a wonderful day hun

solo - Oh snap, see I was suppose to find you. *sigh* sheesh... Lets try again *cover eyes... 1...2...3* <br />
now Pretty... don't tell me where he went, I don't want to cheat at our little game. I'm gonna pretend to find him all on my own. lol ;)

----------------> HA HA HA, peed mah pants!<br />
<br />
Posted by whisperingsunshine on Feb 24th, 2011 at 9:30AM <br />
solo my dear, who peed in your wheaties this morning? lol aight baby this lil pain in @ss is getting lost now, which is going to be difficult to do since you keep looking for me. So, if a game of hide n seek is what we're playing, it's your turn.. you hide and I'll pretend to find you. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
You tell'em Sista!

JRNandGem, thank you.. and yeah, people are just quirky thataway.

solo my dear, who peed in your wheaties this morning? lol aight baby this lil pain in @ss is getting lost now, which is going to be difficult to do since you keep looking for me. So, if a game of hide n seek is what we're playing, it's your turn.. you hide and I'll pretend to find you.

SM - lol.. like saying "thanks' buuuuut 'spanks' is way more fun to say in it's place, haven't had a chance yet to look the movie up

SM - another movie I'll have to look up! spanks!<br />
<br />
FG - Welcome! let me get out the welcoming wagon balloons and band for ya hun, ooh and cupcakes.. I offer cupcakes with sprinkles! :)

Bleed.. ooh *heehee* I don't know what I did, but I liked it<br />
BigC.. Thanks, love it when people agree with me :)

I love love love to laugh. Whew i made the cut lol.

I agree with you completely<br />
<br />
*spanks sunshine*

Spank u spank u very much

LOVE THAT!!! very well said!!!

lol thanks DT, I don't know bout Ford, I'm not willing to go turn any dials, just enjoy pushing buttons.

DT: hehe, oh I have lots of buttons n dials...they just need to be pushed n turned with care ;-) lol

LOL ;-)<br />
<br />
*finds his personality dial and turns it down a notch* :-)

DT .. I'll add the indecent ones if they gimme sumthin to make it worth my while... hahaha<br />
FP.. my little badasstard, it won't be nakey twister and stay off my tail mister ooh i ryhmed<br />
SM.. it was fun, i'm sure there will be more to come, and now my comments done.<br />
<br />

"Only clean minded, decent citizens accepted!"<br />
???<br />
And also, FPs :-p LOL

OOOOOOoooooooo! You has a shiney!!! I wants ta sees the shiney!!! Please? :-D

oooh shiney!

Well, I wasn't gonna....but since you insist ;-) LOL

I get the feeling my tail is gonna get chased friday night. rofl!!

FP, WS, DT, (any other girlies we can get together for it) and a bottle o' tequila? Sounds like a Friday night to me!!! :-D

apparently playing twister with you. I'm a competitor baby, bring some friends.. like your hooter girl DT rofl!!

Oh Oh Oh!!! A pretty tail and flexable? Watchya doin Friday night? ROFLMAO!!!! :-D

LMAO dude it's yer fault, I was an innocent passerbyer who couldn't resist putting left hand on red right food on yellow.

Oooooo....pretty sparkley tail!!! <br />
And also...WooHoo!!! Rules were bent for me!!! :-D ('course since then they become bent to the point of actually twisted, but hey...that's me!) LOL

lol, yes I'm human mostly.. except for the tail, it's reptillian and has pretty sparkles. ;) *hugs u back*

lol have I made the cut JustNormal, am I getting kicked outta your circle now? lol j/k *runs out to go read your list*

Why thank you Sabrina, some might say rules are meant to be broken and these might stand to bend a little, that's how Ford got here though! lol

Excellent rules! I think they are more than sensible!

Bleed.. 'despite' and 'because of' are variables in my vocabulary. lol I think you're one hella funny azz hooka! ;)<br />
Toady.. yeah I know no one will read mine either, hell I didn't even read yours before adding you.. oopsy daisy! *heads over to read Toady's blog*

That you added me despite the illicit groups and my love of profanity speaks volumes LMAO<br />
I've said it before and i'll say it again. You're a ******* funny mofo

ROFLMAO!!!!<br />
Yeppa, I knowed there was a reason we're friends ;-)

Mother as always you are to kind.. and its why your in mine :)

Oh my dear lawd, its whatever size you want it to be sweety lol same size as that huge ego you have imagined up I'm sure. Rofl j/k u know I luuuv me some Ford!

Ok, I will...soon as I know your bra size! After all, I do have an "ego" to stroke while I'm there ;-D ROFL!!!!

Roflmao! Ford! I shoulda known. Go sit in your corner mister

Well said! That being said...what's your bra size? :-D lol