I'm new to this site but, I am not interested in cyber sex. I'm not here for an online relationship, friendship, yes. If you just want to look at my pictures, don't add me. I don't mind answering questions about sex, but I am not here to get anyone off. There are some real sickos on here and you know who you are, don't add me. My intent here is to help others, express what I cannot to the people in my real life and entertain myself. If you want to talk to me, send me a PM.Sorry, I usually have way too much going on around me to chat.
beccabee420 beccabee420
36-40, F
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Feeling the exact same way. Would love to be your friend

Hey I am the same I am here for all the different opinions and an ear for the ones who need help !! I tried to add but looks like you'll have to friend me 1st !!

I do not live on EP, but I do like to be friends with people here. I have begun to share some of my life stories and I hope you would read what I have written. Also, I do not chat much since I am very involved in a ministry call Celebrate Recovery at my church.

Thanks for being upfront introduction....I'm new here only been on about two weeks...looking at making new friend here....I'll send you a invite....very nice to meet you. :)

:-) I haven't been called kiddo in a while.. I like it..

No problem kiddo. Do what you feel is right, and make those who you relate to your buds.......

Thanks for the add, I LIKE normal people. :-)

Your welcome and THANK YOU ! yes it's nice to find REAL people on this site ! there are so many spoiled rotten apples!

Every bodies opinion of normal is different

Hi and thanks for your straight forward introduction and for being honest ! I am one of the gentleman on this site and just thought it would be nice to be your friend , so i will send you an invite ! nice meeting you and have fun on ep !

Hello Beccabee420 and thanks for the add. I look forward to getting to know you and being a friend, not a pervert to you lol. Take care and talk soon!

Thanks for adding me and being real and not into all of the crap that is here. I am a believer also and look foward to being friends.