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Read This Before Adding Or Attacking Me

I've been here for almost a year now. I found EP when I was looking for a place to try blogging. Blogged here for a few months and found that with a little effort I could blog every day. I kept two blogs for a while then made the decision to only blog at my blog on

After being here for a while I made some friends. Those friends became as important to me as the people I see every day. In a sense I see these people every day. I may even know them better than I know the people outside of EP. Here there are stories of lives shared. Some with secrets that would not be told outside of EP.

The fine lady friends I've made here are like sisters and some are like daughters. And I will become protective should I feel the need...
The guys? Well they are fun. To me they are like brothers. I'll pound them down, but should someone else try, I'll be on my brothers side.

I tell of some of my life here and have also added some tales and poetry here. I like trying to help people I believe need help and enjoy making friends. Even if, we may never meet eye to eye...
I also have fun in the Q&A and even when I recognize someone asking a serious question I try to give life learned help and suggestions.

Some things I write here may sound sad, but they are things I have dealt with and am telling here in hopes they will help someone else. Maybe just by letting them know they are not alone.

I'm not here looking for a relationship of the love type. But I'm very aware that anything can happen in this crazy thing called life. It's just not a priority to me.

I'm not here looking for an argument or a fight. But I will not back down from one.
But should I turn and walk away, it doesn't mean you've won. It only means I don't feel there is anything I can say to make you understand, so it's just not any longer worth my time or effort.

I check people who fan me before adding them. I read their profiles and maybe even check some of their stories. I look to see the groups they've joined. I may even look to see how they answered some questions in Q&A. This allows me to at least know a little about people.

I try not to be prejudice against anyone for anything. There are to many unanswered questions in the universe to call anyone or almost anything totally wrong.

But I do at times have my grandchildren beside me or even on my lap when when I'm on. So anyone with stories or groups I feel would be inappropriate for little ones will NOT be added or accepted as friends. There are things I am just not wanting to have to explain to grandchildren until they get much older...

Last evening while I was here I read some comments left on something I posted here on EP. I also read a white board scribble that person left. I chose not to answer that person on the white board because what I had to say would have been longer than anything I would appreciate reading on my white board.

When that person replied to the message I felt attacked. I thought it kind of sounded like she was insinuating I was a perv. When my son got home from an emergency call I let him read the PM. The words from his mouth were “Why is she attacking you?”. I also called a neighbor who knows me. I allowed her and her husband to read what had transpired. They too believed I was being attacked.

Now I will not reveal who this person was. But I do not appreciate an attack!

I converse with friends here. We have lively banter that is fun. Same as I would with someone sitting next to me. There have been some PM's at times that pushed the limits of sexual type banter. I don't believe that any of those ever became lewd or obnoxious. They too were just two people having fun. I do NOT get into internet sex. I do get into internet laughs and trying to help people. I do nothing here that I wouldn't do in public.

I am who and what I am. If you can accept that, we will do OK. That is really me in the avatar. I'm not ashamed of myself. I do nothing that I'm afraid of being found out, so I see no need to be false in any way here.

Maybe I take things a little too much to heart sometimes. But that too is part of what I am.

So thank you for bearing with me on this little rant and I'll keep hoping that we can be like neighbors here. Want to fan me, then read some of what I've written and find out who I am first.
Don't just assume you know what I'm up to and attack me...
oldfarmguy oldfarmguy 61-65, M 39 Responses Oct 4, 2011

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Fits me to a T. You are a level headed guy. Good going.

Wonderful post.

Sorry to read about your experience. In the short time I have spent reading here on EP so far, it has become apparent that males are generally considered negatively by the majority of female posters, for various reasons, most often before any understanding is formed: "shoot first, no questions needed". Thank you for sharing your experience and your thoughts.

Well said ... Thank you!

I did fan you because you love animals and you seem a decent guy with a good heart.I do not fan people who write about sex,this should be kept private and not shared with all and sundry.I have read your profile and one story about your dog and I sense you are worth knowing.I hope we can be friends.Take care.

Thank you : )

I too have been attacked. Like the drama on Facebook wasn't enough for some people. They have to bring it here. You sound like my kinda neighbor. Lived in Ky for a long time. Love country living. Maybe next place I buy will be back in the country.

I'm pondering how I missed this little gem! With the exception of using my photo as an avi, starting here by blogging and the fact we are opposite genders, this could have summed me up so well, although there were a few omissions, like I enjoy being a sarky b!tch but I mean no harm by it.

I've read you many times here on EP and there is no way I'd ever consider you a b!tch of any kind!

Bless! Trust me I can do b!tch very well indeed! I try my best to save it for when it's truly deserved, as a friend of mine once said "You sure as hell don't miss and hit the wall!"

That's just as it should be. If someone doesn't want to see the inner bi!ch, they shouldn't poke the inner b!tch.
LOL I guess I never will be ploitically correct!

Oh dear farmguy! I rather suspect there's a group on here about "poking b!tches", I don't think it'd be my thing!

ROFL : )
Point well taken


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well reasoned

You come across as a very fair and sound guy, best to ignore the ignorant. :O)

i am smiling!!!! :)


thanks for writing that :] like many others you're inspiring me to write my own little "about me" or "before you read this", i realise you're a popular member of the EP and would like to add you to my circle, thankyou for taking the time to read this :] (i clicked add before reading with the intent on reading, hence the add request before the comment here)

great post :-)I'm not here looking for an argument or a fight. But I will not back down from one. <br />
But should I turn and walk away, it doesn't mean you've won. It only means I don't feel there is anything I can say to make you understand, so it's just not any longer worth my time or effort.<br />
<br />
I agree with you on not looking for argument and fights; also, I walk away too because they fail to understand, and we don't see eye to eye on certain topic.

I like the way you wrote this<br />
Exactly.. can I repeat<br />
Thank you 4 being you.. <br />

Sure! : )

I won't for these are your words..
Thank you though for allowing it..

You look like a nice guy, oldfarmguy.

Applause!!! I appreciate your authenticity and candor.

we sound very simliar to me. Although I will only send a pic via msg or post it for a day or so because I want to remain anon. I dont know why its just that I feel that I can be myself and nobody can actually know who I am. My stories are true and evrything I do here is me %100 so I hope we can add each other and have a bit of fun.Take care ol mate. I know from a Q & A about your back and my is the same, screwed, but anyways see how we go aye

Sorry you were attacked, hope you reported them.

No, handled it on my own and it stopped. People just need to learn others before assuming and jumping to conclusions.

I agree, thanks.

Hey Oldfarmguy, I'm sorry to hear that you were attacked. You commented on one of my questions (can't remember which) and I was impressed with your response. I posted a question a while ago about getting life advice and was surprised to get two strangely attack-sounding responses from the same woman. I responded with a request for further explanation to her first, but her second was quite a lot of rant and she seemed to being quoting religion at me as well. I could really not understand her and decided not to interact with her about this any further. A short while later I saw her asking for support because she felt like committing suicide from time to time. I normally might've said something but I find her a bit scary and decided not to!<br />
<br />
Basically I'm saying I agree with you. Attacks like the one you experienced and the one I experienced I think are often <b><i>more about what is going on in their life, or even just their mind</i></b>. So don't take it personally.<br />
<br />
Also I have to say I agree about the adult-type stuff posted on here. I am pretty open-minded and can engage in all sorts of discussions but I choose to be fairly presentable 'cos stuff that is fine for mature adults can be quite damaging to young, innocent minds! Occasionally I have kids around who use my computer and sometimes they don't even ask, so I'd rather be sure they're not going to be exposed to something challenging.

"The fine lady friends I've made here are like sisters and some are like daughters. And I will become protective should I feel the need..." - tell us more about your needs

Nice to see that there are people out there that think along the same way as I do.... Thank You for being down to earth and saying it like it is. I appreciate your honesty.

I've read your posts and comments since I've been on the site and have always found them good-humoured, compassionate and wise. It seems incomprehensible anyone sane would attack you. With much respect, bijoux ;)

Good post and you have shown to be the bigger person anyone who attacks has something to hide, I know this well from first hand experience and I was prove right. You are on the right path.

Excellent post ! thanks for sharing and being so upfront , its a shame for someone like yourself , who seems to always put others before yourself get "attacked " here , you seem to always lend a helping hand here and all of us appreciate it ! ...................Thanks for all you do ! .............................Peter

My friend this is world, life many mood of people, some nice,some rude, some great, do not take any thing so serious, just carry on the way you are, a nice,decent fellow you are.<br />
We have to love, with out any discrimination,life is too short can not be ruined,wasted in any kind of disliking,<br />
wish you a happy life,with many flowers of delights, Lord blessed you, we behave nice, no matter if people like it or not, this is our nature, and let the people some might act according to there bad nature, but most of the people are so nice, kind welcoming, that,s why i am in this community:-)<br />
I add you in friend list., because i like good nature people. they are like flowers of fragrance, when we meet and sit near them, yourself is full of there fragrance of beautiful thoughts.

I have read a lot of your posts and I thank you, as henneypenney said ,you have a gentle heart and are a gentleman. I enjoy your comments .you have helped me on some of my problems and on other people's as well. So I say keep up the good work and anyone that doesn't like it then they aren't worth worring about.

you are not a perv, that's good to know! Ignore those attackers. People become hurt or insulted. Sometimes they can't handle insecurities and reality. It bites.


thanks for the post sorry you met the wrong side of ep ers move on they are not worth your time. hugs

i most get confused when my pure and real feelings get mistaken by some bad experiences one had once made! It happened with me for many times to be misunderstood on here! I dont know if we should always explain our real attitudes to others, or just save time and leave it to future coincidences that would tell the truths! Like when i say love and care, some might think me in love or having an opposite sex desire! It is just that i believe in some and feel them close by some of their posts, and i really mean it when loving some person! But may be like a brother, a father, or even like a son!<br />
I liked that u just explained what u like/ dislike, want/wont, accept/ accept not! Good work :)