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Hello I'm Rickie Jean and I am not looking for sex here not looking for a man only ladies please I want girlfriends to share my experiances with and get thier take on things as I go through my transition. I would like to find girls here that are sharing the same kind of experiances and see what GG's have to say about my new experiances. So if you would like to be my friend just semd me a request and I'll let you know I am not wanting much just friends to share with.
RJ43 RJ43
46-50, T
4 Responses Oct 30, 2011

hope you would accept an understanding male friend however.

Sure I will accept males as friends I just ask that they just be a good friend.

Well said sweetie

i would like to see you so throw your transition

I'm sorry but am I reading this correctly you would like to see my pictures of me early in transition.

yes i would like to see your early in transition

i am a boy..

Hello Jay Jay are you a pinnichio ro a real boy I didn't want to sound stupid or anything but I though it was a way to ask a question without the usual TG terms.