Don't Take My Kindness For A Weakness

Hey EP Folks,
I just want to clear a few things up before anyone else decides to add me. I am a generally nice person and I usually don't deny people. There are some pretty sketchy characters on this website and I am tempted not to add them. So why do I add them? Some of their experiences  tend to be a bit weird and even sometimes perverted. It may seem foolish for me to add them but EP is supposed to be a website where you can share your deepest secrets in the hopes that you will be accepted, understood, or seek help if you so choose it. For that reason if I don't necessarily like their experiences I am able to tolerate it. Some of you may not like what I have to say and you may as well not add me if you don't. I would just like to put our differences aside and give everyone a chance and try to be friends. All of that being said do not mistake my kindness for a weakness. The moment you make me feel uncomfortable or I feel you are being perverted towards me you will be removed from my circle, blocked, and reported. I am not here for dating or sex. I am here to make friends and share my experiences that is all. Also do not ask me for personal information because you will not receive it.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2011

I know right. I thought I would post this story because I am continually getting perverted messages in my inbox and on my whiteboard. That isn't what this website is for. It saddens me that some of the users on EP are only here to pray on people and try to seduce them.