EDIT 04 May 2013: Please Read.

I am no longer accepting friend requests on here. For the past two years I have always felt alone, and I would be better off being that way. No one is going to be able to change that, so please respect my decision.
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if u to be muslim and ten read the Qr'an, ur psyhchologic state will be good

Wow, I was thinking and feeling the exact same way when I read this. Strange.

Hey I can relate, I feel that I am there for everyone and no one is there for you. So if I add you to my circle I promise to at least be there when you want to talk.

find t6hings you like to do and join a club , you will then find new friends that like the same things start from there.

Well that Sucks SweetHeart U look real cute & I wanted 2 become friends ?

sorry to hear that I would of been your friend

You have to give people a chance. Not everyone is going to disappoint you. You just didn't find the right people yet. Don't give up.

Hi, I would like to be your friend. Please message me ok.

I don't know how to go about this but to introduce myself, I'd like to be an ep friend of yours.. your writing is very interesting and I'd like to stay connected with what you write and so on. Feel free to click my profile :-)

Not all but some of it matches ;)

Makes sense to me...


This list is awesome!

can i barrow this for my profile?

heyo, i like your rules; now i am thinking i should make some! adds me if you wish =3<br />
metta,<br />

Very well written post. Respect your views. I landed here because your profile name was at the top of my 'similiar lists'. I am interested in reading what all else you have to share. Be good to you.

silly me! but ofcourse you were at the top of the 'similiar list' with having nearly 50,000 experiences on your profile. ah, what am I like, eh?

You sound like someone I may have a lot in common with.

You sound true, real and completely honest. That is admirable

Thank you=) I completely respect that

I love this story and thank you for adding me. My profile is new but I was here before. I did incorporate friends in real life, but had a few bad things happen because of it. Nice to meet you here and enjoyed reading your story!

i agree with everything you just said, and can understand where you are coming from with #8. i would like to be your friend

You may inbox me and vent anytime you like, I like seriuos conversations and the truth as well as talking **** for a good laugh. I know when to be serious and when not to be. I'm here for you and whoever needs me. Please don't be shy. I like to remain a secret on here as well

Ilike what you wrote there and feel much the same. I would love to be your friend

I can handle most of your because I have been there myself. I would feel honoured to have you as a friend and be there for you in times of need. You need not be alone.

fair enough and well thanks for being a friend here in ep...

better put. I wish to write like that kei<br />
anyway, thumbs up

First of all, I am glad you are honest with what you like and don't like. I see that we have some things in common and some friends in common as well. Good luck to you and I look forward to seeing what else you write.

I commend you for this.

thank you for inlcuding me on your Circle :)

notify me if there is a response because I'm feeling stupid today.

I'm new here and wasn't liking it until I saw what I was thinking.....but, then I read that u won't be my "friend" if I did't have a profile. Anyway, I've spent the last 2 hrs gaining a profile! I deserve to be somebodies ! friend.

As a new member, I noticed that your name has popped up on several things of which I have interest or am about. So upon reading a bit of your profile (you have a lot of stuff to read!), I applaud your values, respect your position, and am inclined to tell you that NONE of it is boring. : )

Thankyou. I like your wisdom and i hope you will need mine one day. Take care ok..

I'm new on EP and being who we are I think we can share a few thoughts.

Great to have you as a friend.

ok hehe LIKE !

Over OLL, let's be friends... :-)