About Myself...


Myself is not much, yet I believe to be better every time I wake up in the morning.
I'm a Gemini, people say that I'm a " 2 inside 1 " kind of person.
I must admit that it sounds like true...

I find myself really girlish and boyish at the same time.
When people ask me any question, I'll answer them really weird. ( BELIEVE IT!! )
They get 2 answer from me, sometimes if the girl part somehow like on the upscale,
I'll give them an answer that somehow sounds caring, cheery, lovely, and so on.
However, if the boy part on the upscale..... Yup, the answer will be like the opposites..

It's true that I'm trying to make myself a Trans******.
To me, being one, will really make me find myself.
Like I said before there's 2 person inside 1 of me.


Anything else about me???

I think that you must be my fiend, to make you REALLY UNDERSTAND.
Because understanding some1 means understanding friendship between the 2 or more.
It never one way around, it will always 2 or perhaps more way around.

Anyway, I'm an open and easygoing kind of person,
so if you really state about yourself, who you are, what kind of person you're or want to be...
I'll respect you.

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18-21, M
4 Responses Dec 27, 2011

thank you all....<br />
you're all so sweet & kind.....<br />

thank you for sharing you're story.

I think you're a sweet person too

You sound like a very sweet person!!